Wouldn't you love to know...

...that the love to know web site has the ten top diet web sites? You wouldn't well, bear with me any way!

We, as Americans, are obsessed with looks. Big butts, little butts, big boobs, little boobs, blond hair, brunette hair, etc., you get the picture. Our looks, their looks, my looks, your looks EVERY BODY'S looks, look -- has become the way, we as human beings, define our worth. We are voyeurs, yes, we are, don't deny it! Our eyes and minds are every where other than where they should be...on ourselves. My Grannie once told me that "pretty is as pretty does" looks have nothing to do with our value as human beings.

But, America has allowed the media and marketing advertisers to tell us our worth is minuscule if we're (women) not wearing a svelte 2 dress or look like a anorexic zombie or if men aren't a rock hard, buff chested neanderthal, that we're not worth having the better jobs, the higher pay raises, the best seats in a restaurant, or just plain common courtesy and respect.

Now, we've got this huge business boom centered around dieting. They've got all kinds of diets, from the grapefruit diet, the cabbage diet, the one meal a day diet to non safe practices of bulimia and anorexia.

When is this nonsense going to stop? What someone is on the outside isn't indicative of what's on the inside. A person's worth should be valued by the content of their character.

Okay, let me get back on track: lovetoknow is a web site I stumbled upon which has a list of the most popular diet fads going on today. I call them fads because I believe that if you've got some pounds to loose all you have to do is follow the push-away diet plan. In other words, push away the extra portions, push away some of the high fat foods, then exercise. No, not bone tiring exercise, just a walk after dinner. After a while you'll find those extra pounds leaving your hips and arms.

What I liked about the love-to-know web site is how they had the lists organized. The list was set up in columns. On the left it had the "learn" column on the right it had the "shop" column.

Under the learn column listed was informational web sites (I'll list the top 5 of each column, you can go to the web site and browse the rest):

1. American Dietetic Association

2. Calorie Control Council

3. LoveToKnow Diet

4. About.com: Low Fat & Cholesterol Dieting

5. NutritionData

Under the shop column (they want you to spend money):

1. WeightWatchers

2. eDiets

3. drugstore.com

4. eDietShop

5. Amazon.com: Health & Personal Care

When you compare both lists you'll see that you can loose weight by, learning on your own or going to one of the shop web sites and shelling out your hard earned money.

I guess it's to each his/her own, it isn't rocket science. You must decide whether to do the research on your own or go spend some duckies. My way of thinking, why let the media and marketing gurus dictate your self worth. True, being over weight is unhealthy but so is being a twiggy. Why allow someone to take advantage of a condition that can be corrected on your own.

Do you truly think that these people are interested in your health. They may be... a little, but it's really all about the money...the green back rules!

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