Who Gets The Weenie Metal of Dishonor?

Start naming the weenies right here!

Yahoo! News: Why does Johnny come marching homeless?
By Erin McClam, AP National Writer:

LEEDS, Mass. - Peter Mohan traces the path from the Iraqi battlefield
to this lifeless conference room, where he sits in a kilt and a Camp
Kill Yourself T-shirt and calmly describes how he became a sad cliche:
a homeless veteran. Read More

This situation and many like this, hits close to my heart. I'm a United States Air Force Veteran. I'm disabled and have come awfully close to being homeless.

My first thought, when I see my fellow vets in situations like this, is why? My second thought is we are owed more than having to live under a bridge and eating out of Red Lobster or Bob Evans trash bins.

I regret saying this but, I believe that our government didn't think that so many Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen would come back alive, this is why they're now scrambling around trying to find a solution to help these people.

There's only one honor I believe our government should receive, when it comes to our vets, no, not the Purple Heart or anything as distinguished as that. No, they should receive the lowest dishonor we can think of

The Weenie Medal of Dishonor -- the badge of shame.

**To all my fellow vets, I salute you for courage and weep for your pain.**

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Deborah said...

I guess I'll answer my own question.

I say George W and all the top 10 of 1% puppeteers who are pulling his strings.

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