Are We Still a Nation Full of Disgrace?

Will the new Administration be any better towards its Veterans especially, its homeless Veterans?

Please do except my apologies but, I'm a cynic and skeptic at heart and have a hard time believing anything will change. Any Administration, be it partisan, bipartisan, nonpartisan is about money and the wants of the good "ole" boys network.

It has been over a year since I wrote about the plight of America's Veterans. Since then I still see a new crop of Veterans coming home and still have to fight a different type of war. A war against their own government.

I've experienced this continuing fight, this war against my own government. I must say, I don't like this war. I don't like having to fight, along with thousands of my fellow vets, against my own government.

Personally, it has taken me twenty years to get the VA to accept their responsibility to me. The VA has gone so far as to "loose" important medical documentation in order to prolong my claim. By prolonging my claim they made me start over in the middle of the process just so not to have to pay me a large retro pay.

Finally, the fight and the wait was worth while. But, what about the other Vets, the Vets who have fallen through the cracks. Yes, they are out there. They are homeless, they are poor, they don't have the VA resource to fall back on.

Why don't they have the VA resource to fall back on? Many were dishonorably discharged from the service and cannot use the VA. Some were discharged for drug abuse, some were discharged for alcoholism, some were discharged for psychological reasons.

Don't get me wrong, there are those Vets who were discharged for good reason but the others, seems suspect to this cynic.

Yes, the military has programs to help these different problems but all to many of those needing help fall through the cracks and are discharged instead of rehabilitated.

Those not rehabilitated are discharged and have no where to go and become homeless.

CNN (July 2008) -- one quarter of the homeless in the United States are Veterans. Government statistics say that there are 200,000 homeless Vets, 2,000 served in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Many of these homeless Veterans drank and took drugs while in the service. Why, well, I know from my son's experience, it was to block what was going on around them. Bombs going off, guns being shot, cars blowing up, would affect any of you reading this too. So, how do you think these young men and women feel.

My son, was scared so scared that one day he called me from the Middle East rambling about a bomb. What could I do? Although I'm his Mom, I had to get tough and tell him to "suck it up" and follow protocol, it will keep you alive. Is it a wonder that many of these "kids" are drug addicts, alcoholics and suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome?

There were times I felt as if I was over there with him. I, myself, left the Middle East over twenty years ago and I still haven't gotten over the culture shock. There was no shooting or bombing during my time but, covert actions had me on edge so, I can and do understand how many of these (0ur) "kids" are mentally traveling off the planet.

For these Military men and women to have to come home and fight another long, drawn out war is shameful. It's a disgrace! No Veteran should be homeless and without health care especially psychological care. Many (my son included) need psychological help.

Yet, I am still proud to have served for the liberty and freedom of my country and proud to have the right to write about "The Disgrace of America."

*I am Saluting All Active Duty, Retired Military and Fellow Veterans -- your service is greatly appreciated*

Murder of America, Rape of America...

Get a grip! Those crying the murder of America weren't screaming anything while we were being legally and methodically raped! It's time for something new!

When it comes to Presidential elections or any election for that matter, the outcome isn't about the winners or losers, it's more about how voters, for either side, perceives which way life will personally change for them.

This writer isn't a political activist as a matter of fact, I don't like Politicians, I don't like politics PERIOD. I look at Politicians (for either side) like this: "you know they, the Politicians, are lying (yes, they all lie) because their mouths are open and their lips are moving" this in a nutshell is a Politician.

This new millennium we've had an historic and monumental election which, has invented two new past-times (for some) the right-wing wringing of the hands and the left-wing happy we're free dance. One says, this is the Murder of America the other says this is the Freeing Up of America. I believe you all are way off base and need to get your heads out of the sand. America won't die because Obama is President. You also, can't free-up what's already free.

It's Historic because President Obama is the first Black-American President, it's monumental because he's President in the most racist country in the world.

Oh please, just simmer down, shame the devil and tell the truth, you know this is true and yes, truth hurts.

Oh my! which side to choose. I choose the middle just as sure as the sun is hot! I refuse to wring my hands with impending doom and I refuse to do a happy dance because my feet and ankles hurt.

I find that most people who talk and talk and talk about Politics haven't a clue that not everyone who votes, votes far right or far left for political ideology sake. We vote with the thought "which is the lessor of two evils" Yes, I will step out on the not-s0-thoroughly frozen pond and say: the majority of American voters are "middies" or mid-liners". We vote with our pocketbooks. We vote for the person who we think might, just might not financially kill us yet, not necessarily subscribe to every aspect of the far right or far left ideologies.

In this time of America's tender age (America is still a very young country) a political change was needed. The last Administration raped and disemboweled the finances of the American people. Yes, they did! If you're honest with yourself, look deep and think, the top-ten-of-one-percent Good Ole Boys Network did indeed get away with rape! They did it legally and the middle to lower-middle class working people are the ones who suffered and can't sue!

My father, who's seventy-five years old, believed in the right-wing hype of working hard and did for four decades. He lived the American dream by saving in investments. He looked forward to retired life. Well, guess what, his investment portfolio is EMPTY! The Powers-that-be are scavenging his retirement, it's slowly dwindling away! Yet, people wonder why people like him are screaming "we need and demand a change!" Most of you don't realize, you've been hit too! Still you wring your hands because a Democrat is now in office or is it because that Democrat is a Black-American yes, I believe quite a bit of the hand-wringing is because he's Black. No one can or will convince me that racism and bigotry is dead because it isn't.

Personally, I had reservations about President Obama when he announced his candidacy. Why, well, I openly admit some underlying bigotry fostered my reaction. His name sounds to Muslim which, didn't set well with me. Is it bad to think that way, yes! Did I pay closer attention to his ideas because of it, yes! Is that a bigoted way to think, yes...sorry, I'm human and fallible.

He impressed me with his idea to work with the right. As a matter of fact there are quite a few Republicans who like President Obama------ Part of it is the eloquence and uplift of his speeches, combined with his personal grace and dignity. By all accounts, Obama is a well-grounded, decent, thoughtful man. He comes across, in his person and manner, as nonpartisan.

What won me completely over to Obamas side was when he announced that Senator Joe Biden would be his running mate. Why, because I've followed Vice-President Biden for years and I know that he's more down the middle than far left. I know he has experience and will work with the right. When Senator Biden became President Obama's running mate, I truly smiled, it was then I knew that most of the cuckoo left wing ideology would be kept in check and the right-wing rape and plunder would be squelched.

We all must sit back and give this new administration a chance.