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Voice-A-Thought: A Thug that lives in a million dollar home is still a thug.

Voice-A-Thought: A Thug that lives in a million dollar home is still a thug.

A Thug that lives in a million dollar home is still a thug.

Thug Haven -- Michael Vick's Million dollar sitting room.

There's another thing that shouldn't be tolerated and that's cruelty to animals. Dog fighting is the lowest of low. Only mental midgets and two-legged human imitators consider this a sport.

Michael Vick, former Quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, is back in the news. Poor fella [guffaw] can't sell his million dollar dog house of terror. Yahoo! Sports

Although I've never had the displeasure of meeting this person, there is a strong feeling of intestinal rumblings in my gut.

Let's not discuss his deprived childhood. Let's not spew woe-is-me rhetoric on how there was no good role model in his home.

This back-wood, socially bankrupt neanderthal, had every chance to reinvent himself. He attended Virginia Tech. Surely he had to have learned something.

Anything. Did he not pick up some social graces and mannerisms? Does this knuckle dragging gray-back eat with his feet? What did he learn in college? But no, he chose to wear the foul gutter stench of a Hood-rat, a Ghetto Mutt. He's lucky he's not my son. This momma would have taken him on like a man.

He lived in a 3. 2 Million dollar house and used it for so called sport. A sport usually found in abandoned, window shattered warehouses, located in bowels of the Ghetto.

But no, he turned his fabulous home into an evil house of horrors.

Yes, Michael Vick is a criminal. He has the mind of a criminal. A mind that chose to act upon hedonist ways.

As far as I'm concerned Vick should stripped butt naked, put into a pit to fight off a Bengal Tiger.

I have no compassion, feel no mercy, for this poor excuse of a man. He should know right from wrong, moral from immoral. Yet, he's proven himself amoral.

He's a shell of a man who has chosen to be a thug, at the expense of those poor dogs. Animals who couldn't defend themselves against him and his arsenal of nine millimeters, stun guns and fellow low-life(s).

Michael Vick and his ilk are nothing but thuggish ghetto mutts who should be neutered.

Some people can wear an Armani suit, silk tie and, Gucci shoes but, you can't persuade them to put on a humane value system.

I've Been Artifically Inseminated by Yoda!

If I didn't know any better I'd say she has brass ones on her.


I'm about to deliver, by divine intervention, nine, count them 9 little Yodas. Darth Vader is standing in as my mid-wife.

Could someone please buy me a house. I won't need around-the-clock services from Angels in Waiting but, I sure could use a house.

$80 - $90,000 will suffice. Just please someone buy me a house.

I served this country and worked for many years and, I've never been on welfare or received food stamps but now, I'm disabled and would like living in my very own house!

If Nadya Suleman is able to live in a $500,000 house then, why can't someone fork over a measly 100 grand, a little bit less, for me, me, me!

I'm astounded to say the least. This woman has brass ones! I'm even more amazed that some how a sizable down payment was made for her house.

I'm flabbergasted. You'll have to Read More Here

Or watch Dr. Phil.

My cardboard box is getting soggy, I've got to go find another one!

What's WRONG with People?

Leave us Civilized Species in the Wild...Please!

Again, another of my species has me scratching my head.

Conn. man owns an endangered ape. Read

This man, Pierce Onthank, is the President of an oil and gas company so, you'd think he'd have some sense. Well, think again!

Onthank owns a Siamang, a type of gibbon native to the rain forests in Malaysia and Indonesia.

He's been charged with illegal possession of a primate.

What's wrong with people like him? These are wild animals and belong just there...out in the wild!

Is this some kind of testosterone over-kill? Is it ego building stupidity?

Some of these not-so-funny jokers own lions, tigers and, other animals that belong in the wild. Then, when some tragedy happens to one of their children or domesticated pets, they want to destroy creature of the wild.

The problem would be and could be avoided if...THEY'D LEAVE WILD IN THE WILD.

It's not rocket science people.

**Humans aren't mature enough to be civilized**

Frumpy or Slutty

Uh...No Whoopi, NO!

Let me preface this by saying I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a fashion aficionado. I am honest enough to say I wear what ever is clean, has no holes and is not two sizes to small. Let me also say, I love Whoopi Goldberg. She is one of my favorite celebrities. I rank her up there with Judge Judy, Nancy Grace and Judge Marilyn Milian. These are women who speak their minds and figure if someone doesn't like what they've said then, they'll just have to get over it.

Now, back to Whoopi. Who ever designed her dress for this years Oscars, needs to have all of their design sketches shredded and put in the bottom of a birdcage or a litter box.
Come on! The designer could have done much better for my girl. She could have worn a more flattering design and still not have had to wear a girdle.

Whoopi said she liked the dress because she didn't have to wear a girdle and was very comfortable.
Way to go Whoopi. I'm hoping that was your nice way to delicately placate the designer and her or his hideous creation. They could have and should have done you better. What's with these modern day designers?

They either design frumpy or slutty.
Michelle Obama's gown was another frumpy catastrophe. She was proud of that dress. Proud enough to say she only paid sixteen hundred dollars for it.

Bad Michelle BAD!

What happened to the elegant fashion of the 1940's. When women would sashay into a ballroom with their skirts swaying behind them. They were stunning. They were eloquent. They were women.

Elegance from the 40's and 50's

In this new millennium fashions are either frumpy, like they were made out of sack cloth or, they're slutty, made so boobs and whatever else can fall out.

Some of you designers really believe you've created something.

Well you have, you've created "Frump-Ugly or Slut-Hideous designs".

Coming to a store near you.

Moms, Moms, Moms

Caylee Anthony: May this blossom bloom in God's Garden

Can we really define Casey Anthony as a Mom? Not to my way of thinking.

I've always thought [and have been] that a Mom was the most important person in a child's life. Not to take anything away from Dad. Well, not away from the Dads who stick around to love and take part in their child's life. Yes, there are Dads out there who are better Moms than Mom.

But, in this case, I'm focusing on a Mom, a real Mom. To me a Mom is the one who's always there to kiss the boo-boo's away, bake apple pies, and, wipe snotty noses.

She's the one who, when a child falls and bangs their knee, wipes away the tears. She's always suppose to be there waiting with a "there, there, things will be all right" hug.

In this day and age, times-are-a-chang'n!

Crime Case Files says that more than six hundred mothers a year kill their children. That's more than six hundred too many.

Now, here we have Casey Anthony from Florida who's joined the Susan Smith and Andrea Yates sorority. No, Casey hasn't been found guilty, yet. Do we really believe she's innocent? I'll tell you why I don't [you know I will].

I believe in body language and not what comes out of a person's mouth.

I've been following the Anthony case on Nancy Grace. Watching the videos of Casey. Paying attention to her reactions to what's going on etc.

My findings are this: She reminds me of Scott Petersen, the man who murdered his wife Lacey and their unborn child. I say this because, when I watched Scott, his mouth said one thing but his body language spoke another.

He was inexpressive to Lacey's disappearance. He carried himself with an "oh, well she's missing" attitude. He sent out vibes that shouted "yeah, I murdered them, catch me if you can".

In Casey's case [pardon the pun] she's all about me, me, me! No one understands me! Really, just watch her. Her tears are about being in jail and not about her precious missing [now dead] child Caylee.

On the video [before they found Caylee's body] of her talking to her parents, all she talked about was how the media was treating her. I didn't hear her once ask have they found my Caylee yet. I didn't see her mourn for her missing little girl.

My impression was; "she's crying because she's been caught" Most real Mothers would be devastated. I know I would. They'd have to sedate me if my child was missing. I would only talk or ask about where's my child or how can we find her.

Every chance I would get I'd ask "is there any news yet" Casey didn't. She's worried about her snacks in jail.

Casey couldn't even put on a show like Susan Smith. Susan Smith had me fooled. But, Casey, no, Casey is all about Casey. She's not attempting to pretend that she cares like a mother would care. Her lack of emotion [for Caylee] and her body language speaks volumes.

And her family! Do people honestly think they don't know more than what they're saying. If they're not as guilty as Casey then why on earth did they ask for immunity? Common sense says innocent people don't need immunity.

My heart goes out to this beautiful little girl. She and other children like her don't deserve Murderous Moms.

by ScribeFire.

Dr Phil's Eloquence

Dr. Phil

As Dr. Phil said to the audience "I just want to give you some impressions of the time I spent with Nadya" I, in turn, want to give you my impressions of how he handled the interview.

Dr. Phil did a wonderful job interviewing Nadya and her mother. In my opinion, he asked some very tough questions without being abusive or riding a high horse.

Neither was he judgmental or condescending (like yours truly) towards Nadya. His body language and tone of voice was soothing as always.

When I listen to Dr. Phil I like the way he has of soothing emotions. His tone of voice can soothe a lion with a thorn in its paw. Maybe that's what makes his show successful.

What he said in the wrap-up was true. Nadya isn't an evil woman and yes, she doesn't know what she doesn't know. I translate that to mean her decision making skills are less than to be desired. ReadMore

I still believe Nadya made a huge blunder. And yes, her blunder still rankles me. The woman is thirty-three years old. No one can make me believe a rational thinking adult would have no inkling as to what enormous consequences would result from such a gargantuan and flawed decision.

Fourteen children, count them 14! I'm still flabbergasted. I know there have been people, way back in the day, who's had large families but, that was one or two at a time.

Some of you know to what era I'm referring. Way back yonder when Dad and the boys were out plowing the fields, planting corn, and hay before day break. Eight children at one time is mind boggling especially now in the new millennium.

Yes, we've all made tremendous cognitive blunders. I know I've made some stinkers and tend to suffer from cases of permanent brain-farts. But, Nadya, my goodness! Where was your brain? I feel awful for those children.

Dr. Phil's compassion and kindness is a force that sweeps me off my feet. He admitted his frustration and handled it with such eloquence it was humbling.

I don't think that I'll ever agree with Nadya getting public assistance. In my way of thinking; public assistance is for those who've suddenly been put out of a job. Or, for those who can't take care of themselves for mental or physical reasons.

But, for her to receive donations and to accept help from volunteers, that's fine. Those babies need the kindness and compassion that we, as Americans, have demonstrated through out our country's history.

Dr. Phil, your eloquent and gentle demeanor is a lesson well learned.

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