I've Been Artifically Inseminated by Yoda!

If I didn't know any better I'd say she has brass ones on her.


I'm about to deliver, by divine intervention, nine, count them 9 little Yodas. Darth Vader is standing in as my mid-wife.

Could someone please buy me a house. I won't need around-the-clock services from Angels in Waiting but, I sure could use a house.

$80 - $90,000 will suffice. Just please someone buy me a house.

I served this country and worked for many years and, I've never been on welfare or received food stamps but now, I'm disabled and would like living in my very own house!

If Nadya Suleman is able to live in a $500,000 house then, why can't someone fork over a measly 100 grand, a little bit less, for me, me, me!

I'm astounded to say the least. This woman has brass ones! I'm even more amazed that some how a sizable down payment was made for her house.

I'm flabbergasted. You'll have to Read More Here

Or watch Dr. Phil.

My cardboard box is getting soggy, I've got to go find another one!