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Caylee Anthony: May this blossom bloom in God's Garden

Can we really define Casey Anthony as a Mom? Not to my way of thinking.

I've always thought [and have been] that a Mom was the most important person in a child's life. Not to take anything away from Dad. Well, not away from the Dads who stick around to love and take part in their child's life. Yes, there are Dads out there who are better Moms than Mom.

But, in this case, I'm focusing on a Mom, a real Mom. To me a Mom is the one who's always there to kiss the boo-boo's away, bake apple pies, and, wipe snotty noses.

She's the one who, when a child falls and bangs their knee, wipes away the tears. She's always suppose to be there waiting with a "there, there, things will be all right" hug.

In this day and age, times-are-a-chang'n!

Crime Case Files says that more than six hundred mothers a year kill their children. That's more than six hundred too many.

Now, here we have Casey Anthony from Florida who's joined the Susan Smith and Andrea Yates sorority. No, Casey hasn't been found guilty, yet. Do we really believe she's innocent? I'll tell you why I don't [you know I will].

I believe in body language and not what comes out of a person's mouth.

I've been following the Anthony case on Nancy Grace. Watching the videos of Casey. Paying attention to her reactions to what's going on etc.

My findings are this: She reminds me of Scott Petersen, the man who murdered his wife Lacey and their unborn child. I say this because, when I watched Scott, his mouth said one thing but his body language spoke another.

He was inexpressive to Lacey's disappearance. He carried himself with an "oh, well she's missing" attitude. He sent out vibes that shouted "yeah, I murdered them, catch me if you can".

In Casey's case [pardon the pun] she's all about me, me, me! No one understands me! Really, just watch her. Her tears are about being in jail and not about her precious missing [now dead] child Caylee.

On the video [before they found Caylee's body] of her talking to her parents, all she talked about was how the media was treating her. I didn't hear her once ask have they found my Caylee yet. I didn't see her mourn for her missing little girl.

My impression was; "she's crying because she's been caught" Most real Mothers would be devastated. I know I would. They'd have to sedate me if my child was missing. I would only talk or ask about where's my child or how can we find her.

Every chance I would get I'd ask "is there any news yet" Casey didn't. She's worried about her snacks in jail.

Casey couldn't even put on a show like Susan Smith. Susan Smith had me fooled. But, Casey, no, Casey is all about Casey. She's not attempting to pretend that she cares like a mother would care. Her lack of emotion [for Caylee] and her body language speaks volumes.

And her family! Do people honestly think they don't know more than what they're saying. If they're not as guilty as Casey then why on earth did they ask for immunity? Common sense says innocent people don't need immunity.

My heart goes out to this beautiful little girl. She and other children like her don't deserve Murderous Moms.

by ScribeFire.

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djWhite said...

And Mom Casey was out partying right after Caylee's disappearance. Yeah right so innocent is she!

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