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Dr. Phil

As Dr. Phil said to the audience "I just want to give you some impressions of the time I spent with Nadya" I, in turn, want to give you my impressions of how he handled the interview.

Dr. Phil did a wonderful job interviewing Nadya and her mother. In my opinion, he asked some very tough questions without being abusive or riding a high horse.

Neither was he judgmental or condescending (like yours truly) towards Nadya. His body language and tone of voice was soothing as always.

When I listen to Dr. Phil I like the way he has of soothing emotions. His tone of voice can soothe a lion with a thorn in its paw. Maybe that's what makes his show successful.

What he said in the wrap-up was true. Nadya isn't an evil woman and yes, she doesn't know what she doesn't know. I translate that to mean her decision making skills are less than to be desired. ReadMore

I still believe Nadya made a huge blunder. And yes, her blunder still rankles me. The woman is thirty-three years old. No one can make me believe a rational thinking adult would have no inkling as to what enormous consequences would result from such a gargantuan and flawed decision.

Fourteen children, count them 14! I'm still flabbergasted. I know there have been people, way back in the day, who's had large families but, that was one or two at a time.

Some of you know to what era I'm referring. Way back yonder when Dad and the boys were out plowing the fields, planting corn, and hay before day break. Eight children at one time is mind boggling especially now in the new millennium.

Yes, we've all made tremendous cognitive blunders. I know I've made some stinkers and tend to suffer from cases of permanent brain-farts. But, Nadya, my goodness! Where was your brain? I feel awful for those children.

Dr. Phil's compassion and kindness is a force that sweeps me off my feet. He admitted his frustration and handled it with such eloquence it was humbling.

I don't think that I'll ever agree with Nadya getting public assistance. In my way of thinking; public assistance is for those who've suddenly been put out of a job. Or, for those who can't take care of themselves for mental or physical reasons.

But, for her to receive donations and to accept help from volunteers, that's fine. Those babies need the kindness and compassion that we, as Americans, have demonstrated through out our country's history.

Dr. Phil, your eloquent and gentle demeanor is a lesson well learned.

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djWhite said...

Someone bought this woman a house! A house!
Would someone please buy me a house. I don't have 14 kids, I'm not on welfare and I'm not stupid.

I just don't have money and I'm disabled. SO...could someone please buy me a house

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