What's WRONG with People?

Leave us Civilized Species in the Wild...Please!

Again, another of my species has me scratching my head.

Conn. man owns an endangered ape. Read

This man, Pierce Onthank, is the President of an oil and gas company so, you'd think he'd have some sense. Well, think again!

Onthank owns a Siamang, a type of gibbon native to the rain forests in Malaysia and Indonesia.

He's been charged with illegal possession of a primate.

What's wrong with people like him? These are wild animals and belong just there...out in the wild!

Is this some kind of testosterone over-kill? Is it ego building stupidity?

Some of these not-so-funny jokers own lions, tigers and, other animals that belong in the wild. Then, when some tragedy happens to one of their children or domesticated pets, they want to destroy creature of the wild.

The problem would be and could be avoided if...THEY'D LEAVE WILD IN THE WILD.

It's not rocket science people.

**Humans aren't mature enough to be civilized**