Don't get scammed by fraudulent schemes

This may sound strange coming from me but, I don't know who to feel more sorry for, the people who fall for the get-rich-quick schemes or those who perpetrate the scam. Why entertain the thought of feeling sorry for the schemers, well, what frame of mind must one be in, to think up such an awful ideology and bring upon their fellow human beings.

To most of us it isn't rocket science [my favorite term] when it comes to fraud. But, there's a segment of society that has a problem with having too much "blind faith"

Being the pessimist that I am, I trust nothing or no one; if someone tells me that the sun is out, I'll go look for myself to make sure it's true.

I wish more people would have a small part of my pessimism, it would save some people money, especially senior citizens who fail prey to these bottom-feeding miscreants who have no problem taking what little money they have.

The first thing that should always come to mind when receiving an e-mail, or a phone call, or a letter through snail-mail, concerning "free money" is, nothing is free.

E-mail scams:

Lottery winnings--e-mails claiming you've won a lottery you've never entered.

Bank verification notices -- unsolicited emails requesting you click on a link to verify your personal information. [No authentic bank does this]

Free vacations -- e-mails claiming you've won a free vacation in a contest you've never entered.

Extortion e-mails -- e-mails that contain personally identifiable information that might differentiate your e-mail from the general e-mail spam campaign. These e-mails suggest threats of violence. CALL THE POLICE!

Snail Mail scams:

Telemarketing [yes, under snail mail] -- when you receive a postcard of letter describing an appealing offer. To take advantage of that offer you must call a 900 number of toll-free 800 number. When you call, the telemarketer has a convincing sales pitch.

Illegal Sweepstakes Information -- sweepstakes must follow certain laws and if they don't they are illegal. Read More

Chain Letters -- A chain letter is a "get rich quick" scheme that promises you that your mail box will soon be stuffed full of cash if you decide to participate.

Government Look-a-like Mail -- A brown official looking envelope in your mail. It looks like government mail but isn't, it's usually a sweepstakes solicitation.

Home Improvement and Home Repair Fraud -- If someone mails you a brochure offering to do an expensive job for a much lesser price and requests that you pay in advance.

Phony Inheritance Scam -- A notice that you've received an inheritance from a long-lost relative you've never met. [you've never met them before because they ain't your relative]

Receipt of Unsolicited Merchandise -- If you receive a pen or key chain or a tie you didn't order, don't feel guilty! The company is banking on you being the type of person to feel guilty and will call to offer and pay for it. It's yours, don't feel guilty and don't call, keep it!

Prison Pen Pal Money Order Scam -- No brainer folks! If you know of no one in prison then why send them money. If you are one of those lonely ladies out there, just be aware that there's a mail fraud where prisoners write you attempting to gain your trust then, BAM! they ask for money.

Fraudulent Health and Medical Products -- Mainly aimed at senior citizens. Key words to watch out for "instant cure for arthritis," "loose weight without effort," "grow hair fast," "look years younger" Don't fall for it! Read More

There are more scams out there and the list grows by the day. The best rule of thumb to go by is if it sounds to good to be true then, it isn't. Short-cuts aren't always best sometimes they can get you lost in a bog that you will have a hard time of getting out.

If you have a senior citizen in the family or know of a senior citizen please, keep an eye on them and talk to them. Many seniors think they know of good deals when they hear or see one.

For more information on other fraudulent schemes please, visit the following websites U.S Postal Inspections

and the FBI

Why does ethnicity matter?

Yesterday, I wrote an article on the logic of the terms African-American or Black-American. In the beginning of the article I wrote a little about the 2008 elections and whether or not America is ready for a Black-American for President.

We, as a race, aren't mature enough to be human. This is why I don't believe that America is ready for a Black-American as President.

Now, Barrak Obama has won the endorsement of America's most powerful, yet depleted family, the Kennedys. Senator Kennedy has given his backing to Senator Obama which, has given Obama momentum going into the "Super Tuesday" elections.

Now, let's look at Senator Kennedy's reasoning for disassociating his endorsements from the Clinton camp. The Kennedy patriarch claims that Mr. Obama would represent a break "and turn the page on the old politics of misrepresentation and distortion" and close the book on old politics of race against race, ethnic group against ethnic group, gender against gender and straight against gay" Read More

One can only hope these dreams come into fruition. But, reality speaks differently to us common folk. We, who aren't politically savvy, have always been under the impression that demonizing political opponents was the back-bone of running for any office and that dreams are on the wings of a persons mind...they tend to fly away.

We've always understood that one opponent points out how and why the other opponent is less capable of the holding the office each is hoping for. The levels of these so-called demonetizations, depends on the content of each political camps internal character.

Now, I asked myself, what could the Clintons have done to upset Senator Kennedy. Further on, in the TimesOnline article, was written that "Kennedy was repulsed by Mr. Clinton's alleged use of racial politics in the past fortnight"

Are they kidding! What political race doesn't use racial politics? Someone out there show me one campaign that doesn't have any racial undertones. Face it people, all politics has racial politics regardless of how overt or covert they are, it's still there.

Every politician has spoken to a Black group, a Hispanic group, or a White group. Let's not forget gender politics either, Womens groups are being courted too.

Obama has received his share of bad headlines also -- (CNN) January 29, 2008 -- Obama: I didn't snub Clinton.Read More...

You know, I believe that these news reports are a pain in where I sit. Some of these reporters take something innocent and paint it into an abstract that Picasso would admire.

In my finite mind, the ethnicity or gender of a President shouldn't matter. Expertise, knowledge and plans for what's best for American citizens should be all that counts when deciding who to elect for a President.

I'm a pessimist, I don't believe this country is ready for a Black-American as President. I know, the numbers are looking good for Barrak Obama right now, he's giving Hilary what-for in the polls.

This is what I think about, I think about those people who lurk along the back roads of Texas, like gnomes in cupboard, who think its fun to chain and drag a Black man from a truck down a rural road.

Or I think about those people, who like to take boards and fashion them [with care] to look like a cross then, cover them with sheets and douse them with something flammable then, stick it in someones yard and set a torch to it.

What's worse than these fore mentioned people...their apologists.

You know, the people who actually wouldn't do these things but, will come up with excuses as to why they were done. I can't picture these closed-closet righteous and well-meaning [guffaw] people, voting for a Black-American whose name sounds so, Islamic...can you?

They're out there folks...they ARE out there!

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Still...A Nation Full of Disgrace!

Whether you agree with the war or not, the treatment of our Military personnel and Veterans is not and should not be up for debate or a second thought.

I know, this is old news for some of you but, it's a continuing saga for Veterans and newly made Veterans. The need to keep this blight, this disgrace, of our Nation in the fore front of every American mind which, is tantamount for the national security and continuing strength of America.

George Washington had it right [and was prophetic] when he said:

"the willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive how the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation" -- President George Washington.

Washington was prophetic in this quote. There are less high school graduates enlisting in the Army. Why, well your guess is as good as mine. Could it be because of the treatment of this nation's Veterans and/or this very unpopular war? I believe it's both.

[AP] Stars and Stripes online edition:

Washington -- The percentage of Army recruits with a high school diploma has dropped last year, continuing a trend that has worsened since the Iraq war, according to a report released on Tuesday. Read More...

These kids aren't stupid. They see what's going on. Some are probably thinking who in their right mind would go to a war and be shot at. Or, they could be thinking why go to a war just to come home and be treated like a pariah. They don't want to become homeless and have to fight with their own government for benefits.

November 7, 2007 Washington (CNN) -- More than 25 percent of the homeless population in the United States are military veterans, although they present 11 percent of the civilian adult population, according to a new report.

On any given night last year, nearly 196,000 veterans slept on the street, in a shelter or transitional housing, the study of Homelessness Research Institute found. "Veterans make up a disproportionate share of homeless people" the report said. This is true despite the fact that veterans are better educated, more likely to be employed and have a lower poverty rate than the general population.

As Americans, we do have the right to protest [thank you First Amendment]. Protest against bills passed by the Senate, Wars, even protest against God if the sky is to blue [not that I would ever think of doing such a thing] but, when protesting a war people should never take it out on Military personnel or a Veteran.

When my son was in the military and stationed down at Lackland Air Force base, he was downtown for R and R. He was standing outside of a restaurant [while in uniform] when someone ran up to him and called him a "baby killer", another G.I. was spit upon.

These young men have never left foot from this country and by no means have killed anyone. Yet idiot war protesters target them to vent their frustration and anger against of government, who looks upon G.I.'s as expendable. What's done to a G.I. on the home front, rolls off the backs of those in Washington pulling the strings. Where do you think the acronym G.I. comes from? It means "government issue" which boils down to meaning "expendable."

War is a cruel, hard reality of life. Even in the Bible [whether you believe in the Bible or not] God said that there would be wars. In war people die, people who, like you and me, would prefer that all the killing would stop and everyone would live and let live.

But, when it comes to this country's Vets, active duty or not, we should be thanking them. Everyone in this country should be relieved that there are men and women who would stop and put their lives on the line for you and yours and not think twice about it.

"A veteran -- whether active duty, retired, national guard, or reserve -- is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The "United States of America", for an amount of 'up to and including' my life." [Author Unknown]

For those of you who still can't or won't get the picture:
**If you can't stand behind the troops, at least stand in front of them!"
you might not like the feeling.

Here are some websites that may be of interest to Veterans and/or their loved ones:

Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Benefit Administration

Disabled American Veterans

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Military News

Veterans News Hour

Soldiers' Angels

Veterans' Sources Archives


Stars and Stripes

Veterans Benefit Network

Veterans Political Arena

US Military Veterans List

Veterans Group Directory

Vets Helping Vets

**Support a Vet or don't ask them to support you**

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Telemarketers, you walk a thin line.

It's been a long day and you've just sat down to dinner when, the phone rings, [tingle, tingle] and this friendly upbeat, saccharine sweet voice asks for Mr, or Mrs. Smith...and you blow-up! I know I do.

It's someone who wants your money, someone has just invaded your privacy! I don't know about you but, I'm tired of this practice.

Don't fall for phone trickery or be seduced by some fast talking, smooth sounding phone trickster. Most of the time consumers find out that the product and/or service is not up to what was expected.

In my mind telemarketing practices are out of hand. There are some that are legitimate or should I say well meaning but on the whole they are all a pain in the butt.

There are two major categories of telemarketing; Business-to-business and Business-to-customer.

There are subcategories of telemarketing:

* Lead Generation, the gather of information: I rate them annoying
* Sales, using persuasion to sell a product or service: I rate them obnoxiously, annoying
* Outbound, proactive marketing in which prospective and preexisting customers are contacted directly: they are the same as sales and I rate them the same
* Inbound, reactive reception of incoming orders and requests for information. Demand is generally created by advertising, publicity or the efforts of outside salespeople: I rate them as GREAT (when I/we want service or information we call them and ask them what we want to know -- it's their job!) Read more...

On average, I dare say, quite LOUDLY, LEAD GENERATORS, SALES, OUTBOUND telemarketers-- "you've worn out your welcome!"

The majority of the public has no problem with inbound telemarketing. Why they term it inbound is beyond me, this is more like customer service and has less negative connotation. On the other hand the majority of us like it when "we" call them to ask about their services or else we wouldn't do it. However, I'd say that we, the public, DO have a problem with telemarketing outbound calling practices.

I know, I know, people must work. The way the economy is today, people must take any job they can get. I was a telemarketer at one time, [business-to-business and business-to-customer] for over ten years as a matter of fact. I know the inside scoop of the industry and frankly, some of their practices bothered what little moral sensibilities I have left.

When I think of telemarketing (Lead Generation, Sales, Outbound) the words trickery or trickster, always pops up in my mind. Yes, that's a nice way of saying LIAR!

Don't get me wrong the actual person who does the calling, isn't the one who's made up the lie or the trick. These callers are given scripts that they must follow. I was told to follow the script verbatim and if I didn't I'd would get a ding on my weekly report. Yes, these calls are monitored and recorded.

These people are pressured with quotas and the threat of termination. If they work in a call center, they have managers running up and down the isles, yelling and screaming to come on and get the sale. These call centers have taken micromanaging to another level. So, don't blame it on the person who calls, look to the manager, the owner or the higher-ups who come up with these tactics.

I use the word trickery or trickster not so much for the telemarketers who are calling to sell a product or service. Even though I do question them too. These words are for the those who are calling for charitable organizations, alumni associations and political parties. No, the actual organization itself isn't being tricky, however, the company that they hired to do their calling is questionable.

Yes, absolutely, donate to your favorite organization but, not through a telemarketer (sorry, guy and gal telemarketers) Because there's a third party involved in collecting the money.

An investigation on the fund raising for the Disabled Veterans Association (DVA) not to be confused with the DAV (Disabled American Veterans), has upset a great many people in the Cleveland Ohio area.

Notice how similar the acronyms are -- DAV and DVA ....

It's been found that only 13% of the monies collected for the DVA actually go to the Vets. So, where's the other, let's see....87% go? Someone is pocketing that money, now who is it?

November 6, 2007 Newsnet5 -- Investigation: 13 Cents of Every $1 Donated Goes to Charity

Cleveland-- A 5 On Your Side investigation revealed that a group raising millions of dollars for veterans, only gives them 13 cents of every dollar donated. Investigator Ron Regan uncovered who's getting rich off the donations that were supposed to be helping American Veterans. Read more

I reiterate, it isn't the actual person who's calling that's perpetrating the falsehood, it's the higher-ups who don't and won't get their hands dirty but all the while are lining their pockets to build their multi-million dollar homes. Again, be careful who and how you donate your hard earned money. It's best to go directly to the organization and bypass all third parties.

Also, for those of you who don't know. Charities, alumni and political organizations are under 501(c)3, non-profit organizations. Their financial books are for public eyes. If you're suspicious of an organization, tell them you want to see their books -- that's your right.

In 1991 Congress actually listened to consumers (stop it! I'm having a heart-attack) and granted consumers certain rights to defend themselves against these annoying telemarketing calls, yes, you all are annoying! Congress wrote an anti-telemarketing script. This is a script of questions, we consumers can ask the unwanted caller, here they are:

* Are you calling to sell me something?
* Can you tell me your name?
* Can you tell me your company name? (not the company that you're calling for)
* Do they have a do not call list?
* Can you put me on the do not call list?

If they answer no to any of those questions the consumer can legally sue them. Read More...

Isn't that great! Now, how does that work for bill collectors? I'm going to research that and find out!

Of course businesses that own or utilize telemarketers are fighting back with the contention that their free speech is violated under these new rules:

First Amendment Center: Advertising and the First Amendment By David Hudson Jr. Telemarketing presents a classic clash between privacy and freedom of speech. Many residents believe telemarketing calls invade their privacy. Business owners counter that telemarketing is a lawful way to inform people about their services, and regulations violate their First Amendment free-speech rights. Read More...

These are my solutions to dealing with telemarketers, [ I'm cantankerous and this might not sit well with those of you who are moral and etiquette purists]

* ask them: "Did I ask you to call me"
* ask them: "Did I give you permission to call me"
* ask them: "Why are you on my phone"
* ask them: "What's your home or cell phone number and I'll call you back"
* If you have a hold button, put them on hold and leave them there
* Do like the businesses, get a gatekeeper, in the private sector this would be caller id and/or privacy manager
* If you have caller id and the words "unknown or unavailable shows, this usually means a telemarketer or a bill collector-- don't answer the phone if you don't want to talk to them
* If you have a whistle blow it into the phone
* Yell at them until they hang up then, call them back and yell some more, call over and over and over and...
* Just hang up

These people have invaded your privacy and your home, it's okay to be rude, really it is! You don't have to use every four letter word in the book to be rude, using sarcasm is wonderful. I love sarcasm, it's an art form which I've learn to master.

As a former telemarketer, I've heard it all and understand where the consumer is coming from. I began to resent the brain storming, educated idiots, who came up with these harassing strategies. They get paid huge bucks, while the people who are doing the work and having their heads handed back to them on the proverbial platter, get paid very little in comparison. Yes, I know, that's the name of the game in commerce. And that, dear reader[s], is why I quit.

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African-American or Black-American which term is logical?

With Presidential election 2008 looming on the horizon, history has already been made. Barak Obama is the first Black-American, yes, I said Black-American, to have made it to the primaries.

I'd even dare say, that he's the first Black-American to win South Carolina's Democratic primary. South Carolina! The very state where slave ships docked and unloaded their human cargo. Those 'ol slave runners and slave owners, buried on South Carolina soil, must be turning over in their graves questioning the worms.

But, I digress, I'm not going to write about the 2008 elections or whether or not America is ready for a Black-American as President -- Read more... [for the record, no I don't think America is ready, we haven't matured enough].

I am going to write about which term is more logical, African-American or Black-American.

There are many treatise written on where the term African-American comes from. Back in the late seventeen hundreds the term African-American was used to denote the more elite Blacks. During the great war Northern Blacks were called Black Yankees. Suffice it to say, you can go back a long way and find the different ways the terms were used.

In the seventeen hundreds the term or label African-American was closer to the truth than it is now. The people of the late seventeen and early eighteen hundreds, who were captured from the west coast of the continent without cold, and brought to America were indeed African-Americans.

Now, those of us who's ancestors have been here since then, can't logically be called African-American.

Why do I say that?

Let's look at my family history. I'm a Black-American. I've been fortunate enough to trace my history back to the late seventeen hundreds. Not all of my family history is pure African. I [we] suspect our ancestors came from Gambia. We know they were brought to South Carolina and sold.

When my slave owning ancestor died, his white children had a huge fight over his will. They fought about who would get the slaves, one being my great, great-grandmother who was his daughter by a slave. Her son was my maternal great-grandfather. We actually have a copy of that will.

Next, I [we] know that my other maternal great, great, Grandmother was Cherokee and walked the trail of tears when she was nine years old. Her daughter married the grandson of my slave owning ancestor and the progenitorship goes on from there.

Terms, terms, terms, in the human condition the word is a synonym for label. Humanity seems to be predisposed to labeling something or someone. Black-American, African-American, the sun is yellow, no, the sun is orange... etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

In the late eighties Jesse Jackson, other Black people of distinction, the press, columnists, and commentators, made the phrase African-American popular with hopes of unifying, maybe even centralizing, people of Black African descent and bringing into fruition, humanity's favorite past-time of labeling everything we lay eyes on.

My contention is: using the term African-American, for those of us who have genealogical lines going back to the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, isn't logical.

When one says that they are African-American, it means that they have come to America from, Kenya, Somalia, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, etc... and have become American citizens. These people are Africans. They don't have any other ethnicity running through their veins.

When one is a Black-American, it means that they were born in America. Their Black ancestors were brought to here three centuries ago. In this case, this means that very, very few have pure African blood running through their veins. So, how are they African-American?

John McWhorter said it best and so eloquently, (Los Angeles Times --September 8, 2004) "It's time we descendants of slaves brought to the United States let go of the term "African-American" and go back to calling ourselves Black -- with a capital B." Read More...

YES, the slave trade was and still is the most hideous of human practices. But, for Black-Americans to try and become something we're not which, is African, is a denial of our own humanity.

I by no means, mean for anyone to forget the past. Learn from it, progress to higher standards. But, don't wallow in it. Wallowing is just an excuse to stagnate.

I, for one, will not call myself an African-American out of respect and honor to my Cherokee heritage. No, it's not that I don't have respect for my African roots and the hardships that my African ancestors endured.

To call myself African-American, negates my Indigenous ancestors; their blood runs thick under layers of American soil. The time "when they cried" still echoes on the winds...listen and you'll hear them.

**someone please, have the guts, the mark other**

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Mary MacElveen -- Please SHUT UP!

This is an American

This will probably sound like a bigoted diatribe, to some, and maybe it is but, frankly, I'm getting tired of reading about how Americans should take the blame for everything.

We are not to blame, I refuse to accept all the blame. If people are hell bent on blaming us then they should stop whining for our help. Which, boils down to begging for our money. No, I don't have any more money to give so, stop asking.

Better yet, if America is so low-down, dirty and guilty of everything, why don't people stop breaking their necks to come to and become American. Just stay where you are...don't come here!

Are you wondering where I'm going with this? Here it is, I found this story on digg the other day -- this was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. -- Clinton said: "I see what's happening and we have to reverse it."

MacElveen-- To this I would love to ask Sen. Clinton: Do you wish to reverse it back to when your husband was our President in which, we sanctioned the Iraqi people thereby by killing one million of its citizens.

--Yes, this war still is the most important issue for me and I do suspect for many more out there. It is not a right vs. left issue, but a holocaust that is taken place over in Iraq. --If you add up those killed in Iraq during the sanctions to the ones killed during this Iraq War, so far two million innocent Iraqis have died and yes, it is a holocaust. Please tell me what issue is more important. Read more...

You would like us to tell you what issue[s] are more important well, even though you may have a couple days to read about these issues, I don't have the stamina to write them.

You, as a fairly new naturalized citizen of the United States, I say that because people, like me--have ancestors planted here long before Columbus step foot on American soil, should know your American History. The American-Indian war is still being fought in the court-rooms to this day [don't get me started on that]. If you did, you would understand that the average American citizen has more things to worry about other than putting another country's well being in front of their [our] own.

Yes, these sanctions hurt/killed millions of Iraqis and we [I] do feel for them, but, NO, OH HELL NO! -- these sanctions weren't the cause of the holocaust [as you term it]. Do you remember a man named Saddam Hussein? We [I] don't care how he came into power, the point is the Iraqi people should have had the gumption to put him out. It was he and his evil spawn who were the cause of your Iraqi holocaust as a matter of fact, they were the cause of the sanctions enacted. When will people like you understand this fact?

We [I] understand your frustration with what's going on in your homeland-- by the way, you are living on American soil, why aren't you at home fighting for your cause? Instead of sitting here in America, safe, warm, well fed, enjoying the fruits provided by generations of American middle-class workers.

Yes, the majority of Americans are compassionate -- Americans, are the most giving people on earth. Yes, the majority of Americans hate the war in Iraq, as a matter of fact, we [I] hate all wars fought in recent memory, starting with the Viet Nam War, I'd even venture to say as far back as the Korean War.

I know my stance sounds harsh, heartless and cruel, and it should -- because it is. But, where do we [I], as [an]Americans, draw the line between compassion for other countries and self-preservation? I'm voting for self-preservation -- I like to eat, I like to keep warm in the winter, hell, I like having a roof over my head and going to the doctor when need be. Guess what, for millions of Americans, these necessities are in danger of, or have become a luxury.

This, in itself, is the start of an American holocaust. The holocaust of wiping out the American middle class.

Where senior citizens who've worked all their lives, paid taxes, given to charities, built this country by the sweat of their brow, are becoming homeless, are eating cat food for breakfast -- lunch and dinner or must rely on meals-on-wheels, some have no heat in the winter or their water has been shut off. Yes, there are seniors out there living like this...I know one of them.

Even though some studies say that the senior citizen poverty level has hedged up a little under Georgie, peorgie's administration, health care coverage has declined -- hence with this decline, people on fixed incomes [seniors] are paying more out of pocket. This is where the adage "pay for my medications or pay for my meals" comes from. Read More...

We have children living in cars who have no shoes or coats to wear. Some kids resort to panhandling for food or scouring dumpsters behind McDonalds or Burger King, or Red Lobster, looking for something to eat.
Read:How many children live in poverty...

Some of our service men and women are coming home to find that they've been deserted by our government and can't find jobs, and have to fight for adequate health care; many are now homeless -- living under bridges or in abandoned cars. The percentage of our veterans who live in poverty and are homeless is staggering. This is a national disgrace and wins my "Weenie Badge of Dishonor"

Now, the senate has approved a bill for illegal immigrants to access social security funds. This is outrageous! It's bad enough that Bush is sending our Social Security monies to Afghanistan now, we've been stomped in our financial groins. Read More...

These are a few of the issues that main-stream Americans have on their minds. It isn't that we [I] don't care about what's happened to innocent Iraqi citizens. It's that many of us, the silent American majority, refuse to take the blame which, you want to shove down our throats.

If Saddam Hussein, al Quaida, the Taliban or any other misogynistic tyrannical regime, would stop their legend-within-their-own-mind actions and let people rule and live their lives as they see fit, you wouldn't have all the atrocities happening in these [your] different countries. When you and your people allow them to take control then, find out you've made a mistake, you come running to who...AMERICA!

If I seem cruel and heartless well, so be it, at times life is cruel and heartless. But, when it comes to depleting America's financial resources for other countries verses defending our own self-preservation...I'll continue to be cruel and heartless.

If this offends you and your moral sensibilities, Ms. MacElveen or anybody else for that matter; to quote Clark Gable --

"Frankly, my dear[s]...I don't give a damn."

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Open Mouth Insert Foot--Ron Paul's Butt Bite!

(I didn't say those things!) GUFFAW!
Here's another idiot in a suit

If you didn't pontificate these ravings of a lunatic supremacist then, who did? Are you going to fire them, are you going to sue them? Is it because you're now running for President, that you didn't say these things?

If we were a fly on the wall in your bedroom what would we hear?

Do you drop the "N" word in private or when you're around your good old boys?

Come on...shame the devil, tell the truth!

Well, Mr Paul and I use the word mister lightly, you're now running for President of a country full of minorities and yes, some of those minorities are "black folk" and you want their vote. Come on Ron Paul, are you serious! You've got a pair of brass ones on you that's for sure.

My Grannie always told me that "what goes around comes around" and that goes for good things and BAD. Looks to me like some venom you've spewed in the past has regurgitated and bitten you in the hasn't it! headline: PAUL HAUNTED BY HIS NEWSLETTER'S DISPARAGING REMARKS ABOUT MARTIN LUTHER KING

The ghosts from the past, have mean left hooks and wicked upper-cuts to the gut of Ron Paul's Presidential hopes. --

In a 1990 newsletter called the Ron Paul Political Report, which resurfaced earlier this month in the New Republic, Ron Paul -- or his ghostwriters -- called Martin Luther King an adulterer and seducer of young children, and questioned why the nation should celebrate the Civil Rights leader with the same glory as that given to its first president. Read More

Hello... Mr. Paul... don't you know your American History? Didn't you know that there are rumors that our glorious first president had syphilis and cheated on dear old Martha with Sally Fairfax, the wife of his neighbor and dear friend George William Fairfax. Also, he was suspected of growing hemp for his personal use.

So, are you saying that you condone President Washington's alleged antics but condemn Martin Luther Kings alleged antics? Why? Is it because he's of African Decent?

What about your other remarks about Blacks in general. What remark am I eluding to, you may ask...the remark about how order was restored to Los Angeles after the 1992 riots when blacks went "to pick up their welfare checks" Read More

Are you under the delusion that only blacks receive welfare? Hello, again...there are white folks who receive welfare too, have you ever heard of Appalachia or the Ozarks?

You're buying into the myth: People on welfare are usually black, teenage mothers who stay on ten years at a time.

Fact: Most welfare recipients are non-black, adult and on welfare less than two years at a time.
I don't know how currents these stats are but look at them anyway:

Statistics on welfare recipients:
White -- 38.8% Blacks -- 37.2 %. For other information...Read More

Now that you're running for President you say: "I do repudiate everything that is written along those lines," he said, adding he wanted to "make sure everybody knew where I stood on this position because it's obviously wrong." Read More

Well, my Grannie warned me about men like you -- "Child, a man will tell you anything to get what he wants"

Now look at you, stammering, dancing, and doing the two-step avoiding your past words.

Look at him, he's gagging, as he uses his "I didn't say that" tooth-pick.

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Can you say...I D I O T!

Face of an I D I O T

Come on you can say it, just let it roll off your tongue...I D I O T!

Yesterday I posted a commentary -- Why Must Veterans Fight Other Wars?
I should amend that title to "Why Must Our Military Fight Home Wars"

Meaning, why must our brave men and women come home and have to fight their fellow citizens and yes, after they finish their tour of duty, many have to fight our own government too.

This is a follow up. I originally found the topic on another blog but, the blog didn't really get into the details of the article. So, I started back-tracking until I found the original article.

Chicago Tribune:
Man who keyed car gets day in court: so do Marines
by John Kass

Jay, Grodner, the Chicago lawyer who keyed a Marine's car in anger because the car had military plates and a Marine insignia finally go his day in court last week. Grodner pleaded guilty in a Chicago courtroom packed with former Marines...Read More

This bottom-feeding a slap on the hand and a tongue lashing by the judge when, he should have received a good old fashioned "Blanket Party" I know, I know...we aren't allowed to do such things but, the thought is enticing. In fact, the thought must have entered Grodner's mind because it's scared this scum sucking little carp enough to make him want to move to the South of France.

Isn't it amazing how he's got enough duckies to enable him to move... to France...the Riviera no less!

You know, the Marines mean it when they say ---No, Marine left behind

Why can't the rest of America follow suit!

God Bless America -- the home of where you can be as stupid and perverse, as you want to be!

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Why Must Veterans Fight Other Wars?


Why must a Veteran or soldier fight another war when he or she is finished serving their country or just about to go into the thick of things?

I found this article or commentary on Michelle Malkin's blog.

Malkin commented on how this lower form of life (Jay Grodner) keyed the car of a Marine on the eve of his deployment to Iraq. Read More

You don't have to agree with the war, many of us don't... yes, that includes active duty personnel and veterans. However, those on active duty and those of us who no longer serve, do deserve respect. We do NOT deserve to be attacked and abused within our own country. We shouldn't have to fight our government and fellow citizens when we've finished our time served.

Those of you who don't like active duty personnel and/or veterans, think about this: you'd be the first sniveling little cry-baby-weasels who would beg for our protection when -- storm troopers, or suicide bombers or b-52 bombers or foot-troopers invaded your neighborhoods.

You don't think that could happen! Pull your heads out and think again!

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Who Gets The Weenie Metal of Dishonor?

Start naming the weenies right here!

Yahoo! News: Why does Johnny come marching homeless?
By Erin McClam, AP National Writer:

LEEDS, Mass. - Peter Mohan traces the path from the Iraqi battlefield
to this lifeless conference room, where he sits in a kilt and a Camp
Kill Yourself T-shirt and calmly describes how he became a sad cliche:
a homeless veteran. Read More

This situation and many like this, hits close to my heart. I'm a United States Air Force Veteran. I'm disabled and have come awfully close to being homeless.

My first thought, when I see my fellow vets in situations like this, is why? My second thought is we are owed more than having to live under a bridge and eating out of Red Lobster or Bob Evans trash bins.

I regret saying this but, I believe that our government didn't think that so many Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen would come back alive, this is why they're now scrambling around trying to find a solution to help these people.

There's only one honor I believe our government should receive, when it comes to our vets, no, not the Purple Heart or anything as distinguished as that. No, they should receive the lowest dishonor we can think of

The Weenie Medal of Dishonor -- the badge of shame.

**To all my fellow vets, I salute you for courage and weep for your pain.**

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Do you know where the nearest cyber-rapest lives?

I and my neighbors do. What's not to smart about this hacker, she knows that we know what she'd done.

I have yet, to figure out WHY or for what purpose, a person will sit at a computer and suddenly decide to break into a computer belonging to someone else. It boggles my mind! It's wrong, wrong, WRONG!

Some people do it for money...yes the almighty green-back strikes AGAIN! But, some commit this cyber-rape because, well...because they can. What does hacking prove? I can almost understand if these lower forms of life want to hack (no, I am not suggesting or proposing anyone do this) into the U.S. Treasury, or Chase Manhattan, Citicorp or any other of these Corporate conglomerates who make their billions by legally raping the masses. Why hack into the computers of immaterial people who have nothing or very little?

Are there really any full proof security programs that protect against hackers? I don't know, I'm not a computer geek however, I do suggest:

1. Firewalls

2. Antivirus

3. Spyware protection

4. Adware protection

As I said, I don't know if they're full proof but, I do have them on my computer. My best suggestion is finding these web space bottom-feeders and having a face to face meeting. take it from there.

There are different categories of hackers.

1. Black-hat-hacker -- a malicious or criminal hacker
2. Ethical Hacker -- also called white hats
3. Ethically Ambiguous hacker -- also called gray hats


Which category should I put my neighbor in...

Yes, there's a story behind this rampage.

I have a friend who like me, has very little, monetary-wise. She doesn't work due to disability. My friend, let's call her Mary, decided that if she bought a computer she could try working from home.

Mary, has another neighbor who's name IS Angel. Angel informed Mary that she could get her a great deal on a new computer through her web site (if I could remember the web site I'd post it, so the whole world would know where to find one cyber thief out of the millions trolling along the web)

It took Mary a couple of months to hoard and save $590.00. She finally came up with the money and paid Angel. Angel in turn ordered Mary's brand new computer -- oh, JOY!

Now, comes the twilight zone part. (Where's Rod and his music?)

Angel who has presented herself to Mary and me, as a customer representative of Dell, YES, DELL! through e-commerce. She informed us that she can and does buy computers for people through her web site and that she can give us great savings and deals. Those great deals she spoke of, are deals for her personally, she is not authorized to pass them on to other people.

Angel ordered Mary's computer, the problem or start of the problem was when, Angel ordered the computer she ordered it under her name not Mary's. Angel had the computer sent to her address, not Mary's. Not only did she send it to her address she sent it under another name.

Oh, it gets more complicated, just bear with me.

Mary, isn't computer savvy. She's just learning her way around the world of computerdom. I, on the other hand, know more, not a lot -- I'm not a computer wiz but, I know the smell of rotted fish and something was rotten in computermark.

Mary, was like a child with a new toy-- her computer had finally arrived. Angel, bless her rotten, sulphur filled heart, offered to come over and set up Mary's new toy. Mary didn't know what or how to set things up, but Angel, the devil incarnate...Angel, saw lollipop-faced Mary as easy prey.

Angel set-up Mary's computer as her own. She went into Mary's house, sat at Mary's computer and set it up as hers by setting the administrative password for her use only and Mary as the guest!

Wait! That's not all.

Angel then proceeded to set Mary's computer up on a shared network. She set tracking programs running in the background and knew who Mary was chatting with, sending email too etc .

How did we find all this out? This is how...Mary invited me over to see her new toy. I, being the nosy person that I am, started nosing around Mary's security settings. I found that she had no virus protection, this was after Angel had told her she did. Bells, started going off. So, I downloaded virus protection and some other program Mary had requested.

But, the biggest mistake Angel made was calling Mary, YES, calling her on the phone, and asking her why she wasn't working on the web site she'd set her up on. She then told Mary "I'm watching you" Angel had set Mary up on a web site to get paid for reading e-mails. Our question is, how did Angel know that Mary hadn't been working on that web site? Once you get caught in a lie, it starts rolling down-hill... now doesn't it!

We found all kinds of settings and programs on Mary's computer that had no business being there. We had to put in a call to someone who has more computer knowledge than I and all she could say was..."what in the hell..." The clincher was, when Mary hovered over her ISP icon, it said "you are on a shared network" No, no, Mary didn't want or set up to be on a shared network however, Angel did.

This saga is no where towards the end, I'll do a part two down the road.

I just wanted to give some background information on my rant about hackers. This hacker, sly. Reminds me of a quote I heard in a movie "so, said the Queen, if I had balls, I'd be King"

And people wonder why I don't like anything that walks upright and talks. You can't trust anybody!

Do YOU know what your neighbor knows... about YOU?

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Wouldn't you love to know...

...that the love to know web site has the ten top diet web sites? You wouldn't well, bear with me any way!

We, as Americans, are obsessed with looks. Big butts, little butts, big boobs, little boobs, blond hair, brunette hair, etc., you get the picture. Our looks, their looks, my looks, your looks EVERY BODY'S looks, look -- has become the way, we as human beings, define our worth. We are voyeurs, yes, we are, don't deny it! Our eyes and minds are every where other than where they should be...on ourselves. My Grannie once told me that "pretty is as pretty does" looks have nothing to do with our value as human beings.

But, America has allowed the media and marketing advertisers to tell us our worth is minuscule if we're (women) not wearing a svelte 2 dress or look like a anorexic zombie or if men aren't a rock hard, buff chested neanderthal, that we're not worth having the better jobs, the higher pay raises, the best seats in a restaurant, or just plain common courtesy and respect.

Now, we've got this huge business boom centered around dieting. They've got all kinds of diets, from the grapefruit diet, the cabbage diet, the one meal a day diet to non safe practices of bulimia and anorexia.

When is this nonsense going to stop? What someone is on the outside isn't indicative of what's on the inside. A person's worth should be valued by the content of their character.

Okay, let me get back on track: lovetoknow is a web site I stumbled upon which has a list of the most popular diet fads going on today. I call them fads because I believe that if you've got some pounds to loose all you have to do is follow the push-away diet plan. In other words, push away the extra portions, push away some of the high fat foods, then exercise. No, not bone tiring exercise, just a walk after dinner. After a while you'll find those extra pounds leaving your hips and arms.

What I liked about the love-to-know web site is how they had the lists organized. The list was set up in columns. On the left it had the "learn" column on the right it had the "shop" column.

Under the learn column listed was informational web sites (I'll list the top 5 of each column, you can go to the web site and browse the rest):

1. American Dietetic Association

2. Calorie Control Council

3. LoveToKnow Diet

4. Low Fat & Cholesterol Dieting

5. NutritionData

Under the shop column (they want you to spend money):

1. WeightWatchers

2. eDiets


4. eDietShop

5. Health & Personal Care

When you compare both lists you'll see that you can loose weight by, learning on your own or going to one of the shop web sites and shelling out your hard earned money.

I guess it's to each his/her own, it isn't rocket science. You must decide whether to do the research on your own or go spend some duckies. My way of thinking, why let the media and marketing gurus dictate your self worth. True, being over weight is unhealthy but so is being a twiggy. Why allow someone to take advantage of a condition that can be corrected on your own.

Do you truly think that these people are interested in your health. They may be... a little, but it's really all about the money...the green back rules!

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Americans: Get your skewed priorities straight!

Surfing along the web this morning, I found different news headlines on a number of sites particularly Yahoo-- In the News. And, of course, still in the headline forefront are the War, President Bush's jaunts around the world, the 2008 Presidential elections, Middle Eastern unrest -- be it Afghanistan, Iraq, or al-Qaida and their evil doings etc.

What I found sad and ass-backwards (priority-wise) among the reporting of world related upheaval was the headline: Britney Spears due in court to settle custody rights. Another one was, how Halle Berry is looking very pregnant or, Christina Aguilera gives birth. Hey, I've given birth, I looked pregnant before I gave birth too. So, what's the big story? I'm willing to bet that they got pregnant the same way I did...any takers?

Here's a better mystery -- who's head of al-Qaida, where's Osama Bin Laden, why are the gas prices continually rising?

Ask yourselves, do the oil companies gauge the public? If so, why is the government allowing them to do so. Here's a better question; do ALL Americans have HEALTH INSURANCE? Hello! these questions affect your POCKETBOOK and are more important than the celebrity legends-within-their-own-mind cliques.

Now, let's be honest who cares about Britney Spears and her legal problems? I certainly don't. Here, the media gives this young bottled blond bimbo headline ranking right along with world tragedy and news that's shaping or dismantling hopes of world peace and possibly national security.

So, what, in heaven's name, has Britney Spears done for the world, for you, for me? Nothing I can think of, yet, her name seems to find its way into the headlines every day or every other day.

America is enamored with celebrities and their doings. Most celebrities are pathological hedonists -- yes, there are few exceptions. But, can you at least pick a rich, attention getter of some worth? I don't mind reading about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they do wonderful humanitarian work. But Britney Spears, and that Lindsay Lohan girl, oh my, let's not leave out the third member of the new world Bimbette Trio -- Paris Hilton (have you noticed that they all seem to have black roots). *SIGH* Oops, I can't mention Paris without mentioning Nicole Ritche so, I guess I should amend Bimbette Trio to Bimbette Quads...oh, come on folks!

You are the same Americans who bitch and moan about out-of-touch politicians but, within the same breath -- squeal in juvenile delight "I've got to turn on Entertainment Tonight or E!" and get my daily fix of celebrity gossip. Do you really think that gossip about them will put more green-backs or quack-quacks in your pockets!

What does hearing or reading about these people (who, in my not-so-humble opinion are a waste of good air) do for you? Do they bolster your floundering self-esteem or give you some over the top orgasm? Go volunteer at a homeless shelter to bolster your self-esteem, train your lover how to give you those over the top, eyes rolling back goodies or... just get rid of them and their inept performance.

I'm getting a little tired of hearing or glancing at headlines, pertaining to these out-of-the bottle blonds, or redheads, or brunettes with botox lips and 90% silicon everything else.

Okay people -- they're figments! Figments or your imagination and theirs. They're certainly not of my imagination, everything I've got is real -- they can't say the same.

Get your priorities straight America! Most of these folks can't see beyond their pointy, fabricated, little noses to notice you, you or you.

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Politicians: Please Take the Guccis Off!

No matter how hard politicians, political analysts or the media, try to make politics and campaigns confusing for us common folk, it still isn't rocket science. Political causes and effects aren't complicated calculus problems or a foreign trigonometry or algorithm language. Politics is a plain old attempt at manipulating the minds of the common folk and furthering the agendas of those with deep pockets.

This is how this undereducated pea-brainer, understands the political world; there are a bunch of folks running around in Gucci suits and Prada shoes, smiling for the cameras, kissing babies, shaking hands and hugging strangers, attempting to manipulate the gullible or make the not-so gullible choose between the lesser of two evils.

Then, there's the media and political opponents. They're piranha, pouncing on the candidates, or each other, like starving predators swimming around the Amazon. Each are pots calling the kettles black, all are obnoxious and just as guilty of the same offenses. How many of them wear silk underwear!

Look how John Edwards was proverbially, annihilated when he spent $400 on a haircut well... did anyone check to see where he bought his suit too. How is he different from the rest of the candidates? How about Barrack Obama, he isn't a shabby dresser either. I can guarantee, that neither he nor his wife buy their clothes from a discount store as do 70% - 80% of us Americans. Can anyone honestly, say that Hillary Clinton buys her shoes at PayLess or her suits at J.C. Pennys.

Look at all of the candidates; Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, Rudy Giuliani, Dennis Kucinich, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, Ron Paul, etc... Do you honestly, believe that any of these people has ever stepped foot in the Dollar Store, or KMart -- come on folks...shame the devil tell the truth!

What I do know; these candidates spend millions of dollars trying to get into our heads. Making promises they can't or won't keep. I DON'T LIKE THEM! I don't like the Republican trickle down theory -- no business owner is that generous. I don't like the Democrats, "let's give everyone our money theory" -- they can't seem to understand it takes taxes from the common people to take care of everybody. Neither party can get it into their heads to STOP sending our money overseas -- WE NEED OUR MONEY HERE!

President Bush STOP sending our Social Security money to Afghanistan!

I'm a conspiracy theorist, and believe that there is a group of people, in this nation, who are wealthy beyond imagination (I have a huge imagination) -- the top 10 of 1%. It is they who really run this country. Every other visible power-that-be is a puppet with an invisible mogul's hand up their butt. Can we say: "Electoral College"

I'm not pro or anti Bush nor pro or anti Democrat or Republican -- I don't like any of them. We, the people, should have learned from the 2000 election that our votes are like statistics, they can and will be manipulated. Can we say Electoral College AGAIN!

Oh and if Hilary Clinton or Michelle Obama get wind of this write. Please, call me, let's set a date to go shopping at Target, I need some clothes and you're buying.

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Get Off Your Butt: Social Networking --Are we really, that lazy?

We've come a long way baby! Or have we?

The Internet is changing the face of everything. In my opinion, these new Internet social communities are the webs biggest phenomena. What happened to the good old days of going down to the local bar, pub, or social club to meet new people?

If you go back to the time when my parents were young, their social club was going to Church on Sundays, going to school during the week or going to work. Now, you don't have to leave your home to meet new people. Just slide into a comfy chair, get your lap top with its wireless connection and go hunting for the kill.

Are we really, that bored and lonely? Better yet, are we so lazy that we can't get up, take a shower, put some clothes on and go out? I understand that many people are housebound due to illness and disabilities. These people have nothing else but the Internet and the boob tube to keep them company. But, what about the rest of you healthy people?

To my way of thinking, going to the park or to the library is a great way to meet people. In my healthier days, I loved going to Borders Books and browsing the isles. When I found a book that looked interesting, I'd take it to one of Borders' bistro tables, sit down with a cup of green tea and settle in with my steeping companion and started reading. Someone would stop by to ask a question or chat and the new friendship was on. I've met some wonderful people that way.

I'm beginning to think that although, the Internet is a progressive tool (as a whole) for society, it's regressive in other aspects. Regressive, how, do you ask. I'm glad you broached the question; its making a bunch of socially bankrupt people, that's how. It's making a bunch of scaredy cats who can't walk down the street and look a stranger in the eye, then open up their mouth to say "hello" or "good morning, afternoon, or evening"

Not all the people of the world are low-life degenerates, not all are going to grab and run off with you to do something reprehensible -- (am I really saying this, me, the person who doesn't like anything that walks upright and talks...why -- yes, I am)

If a social community is a bit much for your liking, they have social bookmarking too. Does anyone really use social bookmarking? Does social bookmarking work. Exactly, what purpose is social bookmarking? You bookmark a website you like... then, someone else sees it and goes to the website. Okay...then what? Just because you like the same poetry website that I do, doesn't mean you're coming over for dinner!

Here is a partial list of Social Networking Communities I've found. You can find more at
Wikipedia, they have the best list of social networks;

43 Things
Yahoo! 360
Windows Live Spaces

Frankly, I joined some of these communities because I wanted to advertise my two blogs. I'm not into meeting people over the Internet. I like to go out and meet people face to face.

Let's be honest people...when you meet someone in these online communities -- many LIE about themselves. You know they do; little miss svelte 10, blond Barbie, is a gap toothed butter ball and mister hulkster, is an itty, bitty mousy man, each owning delusions of grandeur or are legends within their own minds. Come on! you know I'm telling the truth!

Let's not regress in this new year. If you're healthy and be thankful that you are, get out and go! Go to the park, or the library, or to Borders Books or Barns and Noble, or a little cafe or bistro...hell! take Tae Kwon Do or a photography class, just get off your butt and off the computer then, out of the house. If you meet someone, you won't have to worry about that Barbie girl or Mousy Man lying about'll see them for yourself.

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The best 2008 tip for reducing stress...

Go on, crack a smile, your face won't break...I promise.

I'm not going to rant and rave today, are you in SHOCK! Yes, instead, I'm going to laugh, yes, laugh. If you feel as if you need to send the men with white coats to my house, go ahead, bet you can't find me!

Laughter is now thought to be the best stress reliever. Well, my granny told us that years, and years ago. Now scientists are jumping on my granny's bandwagon.

Research is now showing that laughter is a positive health benefit. Laughter is thought to strengthen the immune system, reduce food cravings, and increase one's threshold for pain.

Stress management benefits of laughter are as follows;

  1. Reduces levels of stress hormones -- increases levels of health-enhancing hormones.
  2. Physical release.
  3. Internal workout -- exercises the diaphragm, contracts the abs, works out the shoulders.
  4. Distraction -- takes the focus away from anger, guilt and other negative emotions.
  5. Perspective -- changes how we view something as a threat or a challenge. Humor gives us more of a lighthearted perspective.
  6. Social Benefits -- laughter connects us with others and is contagious.
I needed to laugh today, I have an adult child living with me and if I don't laugh get the picture.

Usually, I save my poetry for my other blog but, I found this poem many years ago and it's by far my favorite. It's simplistic and maybe not the greatest poem in the world but, it sure brings home the point I'm making about laughter:

"Then Laugh"

Build for yourself a strong box,
Fashion each part with care;
When it’s strong as your hand can make it,
Put all your troubles there;

Hide there all thought of your failures,
And each bitter cup that you quaff;
Lock all your heartaches within it,
Then sit on the lid and laugh.

Tell no one else its contents,
Never its secrets share;
When you’ve dropped in your care and worry
Keep them forever there;

Hide them from sight so completely
That the world will never dream half;
Fasten the strong box securely—
Then sit on the lid and laugh.

© Bertha Adams Backus.

So, go ahead laugh until you can't breathe, the tears roll down your face and your sides ache -- you'll feel wonderful afterwards.

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Oh Hell No!

I remember when we (my generation) were young. We had to behave ourselves when out of sight of our parents. In the neighborhood, all the neighbors were either Aunt this or Uncle that, we had no fear of being molested or worse. If Aunt Ruthie or Uncle Joe caught us doing something we shouldn't, they'd be sure our parents knew before we got home.

One day, I was walking down the street and must have been acting unseemly, can't quite remember what I was doing and probably wouldn't tell you if I did, and heard this high pitched voice yelling:

"Deborah Jo! don't you do that! Your Momma isn't here but her eyes are watching"

When I got home, Mom or Dad would be waiting and my hind end would remember what I think my parents eyes didn't see.

Now a days you can't say anything to this generation, out fear that you'll have the police called on you or worse. Some of their parents will show up at your door wanting to "rumble" or brandishing nine and her millimeter brothers and sisters.

We have a society of emotionally, morally, and socially bankrupt human beings. No one seems to have a conscience let alone any direction in life. They (generally speaking) seem to be a bunch of hedonists, some are boarder line psychotic. Who only live for the moment, their moment. Living for me, me, me, giving no thought of how to make life better for others.

Once, I heard a young man, he had to be in his middle twenties, talking about how another young man had disrespected him. I thought to myself, what does this youngster know about respect? What has he done in his life that commands more respect than the normal human respect and consideration?

It's hard to find young people who will open doors for you -- or know how to say thank you, please, your welcome. It's not that hard to form these words with their lips.

If you think about it, it isn't their fault. I think society's do-gooders have gone over-board with their spanking ideas and are handcuffing a parent's right to raise up-standing adults. There is a huge difference in spanking a child and abusing a child.

A prime example was a news report in the Boston Herald -- Parents who spank their kids - even in their own homes - would be slapped by the long arm of the law under an Arlington nurse’s proposal to make Massachusetts the first state in the nation to outlaw corporal punishment. How stupid is this! This has got to be the most ridiculous proposal I've ever read!

It's people like this who subject the rest of society to individuals who can't or won't teach their children how to respect others. The cause and effect this causes -- rude, crude and insolent adults.

For instance, when I decide to go out to a restaurant, and the waitress or waiter seats me next to a table that has children. And those children are being loud and obnoxious. I get very upset. I don't have to nor will I be subjected to disruptive behavior. And, All while, their parents tune them out and sit there as if nothings happening. Oh HELL NO! Not me! I will say something to the parents then demand to be seated else where.

I don't blame the children I blame the parents.

Look people, when you have children and you take them out in public, the rest of society is not obligated to tolerate your BAD children. A good spanking would re-enforce the fact that NO you can't and won't act this way. Maybe the parents need a good spanking or perhaps a lobotomy will help.

And don't give me this time out crap! Oh and this idea of reasoning with a two year old is just moronic.

I tried time outs with my son. When he was about seven or eight, he did something, can't remember exactly what, I told him not to do. I gave him a time out. I sat him in a corner and told him to think about what he did and why it was wrong. Well, the time out didn't work. While he sat in the corner, not thinking about his misdeeds, he dug a whole in the wall and stuffed his socks and underwear in it. The spanking worked much better.

It's funny, in a sad demented way, that we (the human race) has progressed technologically, but regressed in the plain old common sense department.

Yeah Right...Outlaw This!

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New Year Resolutions/Realizations

I'm thinking, I'm thinking! Resolutions!

Let's face it folks, unless the grim reaper decides to make one of us his new friend, we'll all have another new year.

What's so important with making a new year resolution? I haven't truly, figured that one out yet. I'm still dealing with the resolutions made in 1984.

Every year people promise themselves something. We make promises to ourselves that are to difficult to keep. Realization says; you're just setting yourself up to fail.

From where did the New Years Resolution tradition come?

The celebration of the new year is the oldest of all holidays. It was first observed in ancient Babylon about 4000 years ago. In the years around 2000 BC, the Babylonian New Year began with the first New Moon (actually the first visible crescent) after the Vernal Equinox (first day of spring).--

Some New Years Resolutions are as follows:

Get a (better) job
Get into shape
Payoff debts
Quit a habit
Start school
Find a love
Take a trip
Get organized
Find a hobby
Buy a house or move
Save money
Reduce stress

In my not-so-humble opinion, people should make the resolution to plan their lives better than they plan their vacations.

Post a written goal for the year somewhere where you can see it everyday. By the door leading to the garage, on back of the bathroom door, on the back of the front door, on the refrigerator, on the hood of the toilet, in the middle of a frequently used mirror. Maybe this regurgitation of reminders will help you shut realizations boisterous mouth.

Me, (guffaw) fudge and I are best friends, have been for 24 years.

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