Why Must Veterans Fight Other Wars?


Why must a Veteran or soldier fight another war when he or she is finished serving their country or just about to go into the thick of things?

I found this article or commentary on Michelle Malkin's blog.

Malkin commented on how this lower form of life (Jay Grodner) keyed the car of a Marine on the eve of his deployment to Iraq. Read More

You don't have to agree with the war, many of us don't... yes, that includes active duty personnel and veterans. However, those on active duty and those of us who no longer serve, do deserve respect. We do NOT deserve to be attacked and abused within our own country. We shouldn't have to fight our government and fellow citizens when we've finished our time served.

Those of you who don't like active duty personnel and/or veterans, think about this: you'd be the first sniveling little cry-baby-weasels who would beg for our protection when -- storm troopers, or suicide bombers or b-52 bombers or foot-troopers invaded your neighborhoods.

You don't think that could happen! Pull your heads out and think again!

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Deborah said...

Let's give him a good old fashioned "blanket party"

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