Why does ethnicity matter?

Yesterday, I wrote an article on the logic of the terms African-American or Black-American. In the beginning of the article I wrote a little about the 2008 elections and whether or not America is ready for a Black-American for President.

We, as a race, aren't mature enough to be human. This is why I don't believe that America is ready for a Black-American as President.

Now, Barrak Obama has won the endorsement of America's most powerful, yet depleted family, the Kennedys. Senator Kennedy has given his backing to Senator Obama which, has given Obama momentum going into the "Super Tuesday" elections.

Now, let's look at Senator Kennedy's reasoning for disassociating his endorsements from the Clinton camp. The Kennedy patriarch claims that Mr. Obama would represent a break "and turn the page on the old politics of misrepresentation and distortion" and close the book on old politics of race against race, ethnic group against ethnic group, gender against gender and straight against gay" Read More

One can only hope these dreams come into fruition. But, reality speaks differently to us common folk. We, who aren't politically savvy, have always been under the impression that demonizing political opponents was the back-bone of running for any office and that dreams are on the wings of a persons mind...they tend to fly away.

We've always understood that one opponent points out how and why the other opponent is less capable of the holding the office each is hoping for. The levels of these so-called demonetizations, depends on the content of each political camps internal character.

Now, I asked myself, what could the Clintons have done to upset Senator Kennedy. Further on, in the TimesOnline article, was written that "Kennedy was repulsed by Mr. Clinton's alleged use of racial politics in the past fortnight"

Are they kidding! What political race doesn't use racial politics? Someone out there show me one campaign that doesn't have any racial undertones. Face it people, all politics has racial politics regardless of how overt or covert they are, it's still there.

Every politician has spoken to a Black group, a Hispanic group, or a White group. Let's not forget gender politics either, Womens groups are being courted too.

Obama has received his share of bad headlines also -- (CNN) January 29, 2008 -- Obama: I didn't snub Clinton.Read More...

You know, I believe that these news reports are a pain in where I sit. Some of these reporters take something innocent and paint it into an abstract that Picasso would admire.

In my finite mind, the ethnicity or gender of a President shouldn't matter. Expertise, knowledge and plans for what's best for American citizens should be all that counts when deciding who to elect for a President.

I'm a pessimist, I don't believe this country is ready for a Black-American as President. I know, the numbers are looking good for Barrak Obama right now, he's giving Hilary what-for in the polls.

This is what I think about, I think about those people who lurk along the back roads of Texas, like gnomes in cupboard, who think its fun to chain and drag a Black man from a truck down a rural road.

Or I think about those people, who like to take boards and fashion them [with care] to look like a cross then, cover them with sheets and douse them with something flammable then, stick it in someones yard and set a torch to it.

What's worse than these fore mentioned people...their apologists.

You know, the people who actually wouldn't do these things but, will come up with excuses as to why they were done. I can't picture these closed-closet righteous and well-meaning [guffaw] people, voting for a Black-American whose name sounds so, Islamic...can you?

They're out there folks...they ARE out there!

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