Politicians: Please Take the Guccis Off!

No matter how hard politicians, political analysts or the media, try to make politics and campaigns confusing for us common folk, it still isn't rocket science. Political causes and effects aren't complicated calculus problems or a foreign trigonometry or algorithm language. Politics is a plain old attempt at manipulating the minds of the common folk and furthering the agendas of those with deep pockets.

This is how this undereducated pea-brainer, understands the political world; there are a bunch of folks running around in Gucci suits and Prada shoes, smiling for the cameras, kissing babies, shaking hands and hugging strangers, attempting to manipulate the gullible or make the not-so gullible choose between the lesser of two evils.

Then, there's the media and political opponents. They're piranha, pouncing on the candidates, or each other, like starving predators swimming around the Amazon. Each are pots calling the kettles black, all are obnoxious and just as guilty of the same offenses. How many of them wear silk underwear!

Look how John Edwards was proverbially, annihilated when he spent $400 on a haircut well... did anyone check to see where he bought his suit too. How is he different from the rest of the candidates? How about Barrack Obama, he isn't a shabby dresser either. I can guarantee, that neither he nor his wife buy their clothes from a discount store as do 70% - 80% of us Americans. Can anyone honestly, say that Hillary Clinton buys her shoes at PayLess or her suits at J.C. Pennys.

Look at all of the candidates; Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, Rudy Giuliani, Dennis Kucinich, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, Ron Paul, etc... Do you honestly, believe that any of these people has ever stepped foot in the Dollar Store, or KMart -- come on folks...shame the devil tell the truth!

What I do know; these candidates spend millions of dollars trying to get into our heads. Making promises they can't or won't keep. I DON'T LIKE THEM! I don't like the Republican trickle down theory -- no business owner is that generous. I don't like the Democrats, "let's give everyone our money theory" -- they can't seem to understand it takes taxes from the common people to take care of everybody. Neither party can get it into their heads to STOP sending our money overseas -- WE NEED OUR MONEY HERE!

President Bush STOP sending our Social Security money to Afghanistan!

I'm a conspiracy theorist, and believe that there is a group of people, in this nation, who are wealthy beyond imagination (I have a huge imagination) -- the top 10 of 1%. It is they who really run this country. Every other visible power-that-be is a puppet with an invisible mogul's hand up their butt. Can we say: "Electoral College"

I'm not pro or anti Bush nor pro or anti Democrat or Republican -- I don't like any of them. We, the people, should have learned from the 2000 election that our votes are like statistics, they can and will be manipulated. Can we say Electoral College AGAIN!

Oh and if Hilary Clinton or Michelle Obama get wind of this write. Please, call me, let's set a date to go shopping at Target, I need some clothes and you're buying.

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