Mary MacElveen -- Please SHUT UP!

This is an American

This will probably sound like a bigoted diatribe, to some, and maybe it is but, frankly, I'm getting tired of reading about how Americans should take the blame for everything.

We are not to blame, I refuse to accept all the blame. If people are hell bent on blaming us then they should stop whining for our help. Which, boils down to begging for our money. No, I don't have any more money to give so, stop asking.

Better yet, if America is so low-down, dirty and guilty of everything, why don't people stop breaking their necks to come to and become American. Just stay where you are...don't come here!

Are you wondering where I'm going with this? Here it is, I found this story on digg the other day -- this was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. -- Clinton said: "I see what's happening and we have to reverse it."

MacElveen-- To this I would love to ask Sen. Clinton: Do you wish to reverse it back to when your husband was our President in which, we sanctioned the Iraqi people thereby by killing one million of its citizens.

--Yes, this war still is the most important issue for me and I do suspect for many more out there. It is not a right vs. left issue, but a holocaust that is taken place over in Iraq. --If you add up those killed in Iraq during the sanctions to the ones killed during this Iraq War, so far two million innocent Iraqis have died and yes, it is a holocaust. Please tell me what issue is more important. Read more...

You would like us to tell you what issue[s] are more important well, even though you may have a couple days to read about these issues, I don't have the stamina to write them.

You, as a fairly new naturalized citizen of the United States, I say that because people, like me--have ancestors planted here long before Columbus step foot on American soil, should know your American History. The American-Indian war is still being fought in the court-rooms to this day [don't get me started on that]. If you did, you would understand that the average American citizen has more things to worry about other than putting another country's well being in front of their [our] own.

Yes, these sanctions hurt/killed millions of Iraqis and we [I] do feel for them, but, NO, OH HELL NO! -- these sanctions weren't the cause of the holocaust [as you term it]. Do you remember a man named Saddam Hussein? We [I] don't care how he came into power, the point is the Iraqi people should have had the gumption to put him out. It was he and his evil spawn who were the cause of your Iraqi holocaust as a matter of fact, they were the cause of the sanctions enacted. When will people like you understand this fact?

We [I] understand your frustration with what's going on in your homeland-- by the way, you are living on American soil, why aren't you at home fighting for your cause? Instead of sitting here in America, safe, warm, well fed, enjoying the fruits provided by generations of American middle-class workers.

Yes, the majority of Americans are compassionate -- Americans, are the most giving people on earth. Yes, the majority of Americans hate the war in Iraq, as a matter of fact, we [I] hate all wars fought in recent memory, starting with the Viet Nam War, I'd even venture to say as far back as the Korean War.

I know my stance sounds harsh, heartless and cruel, and it should -- because it is. But, where do we [I], as [an]Americans, draw the line between compassion for other countries and self-preservation? I'm voting for self-preservation -- I like to eat, I like to keep warm in the winter, hell, I like having a roof over my head and going to the doctor when need be. Guess what, for millions of Americans, these necessities are in danger of, or have become a luxury.

This, in itself, is the start of an American holocaust. The holocaust of wiping out the American middle class.

Where senior citizens who've worked all their lives, paid taxes, given to charities, built this country by the sweat of their brow, are becoming homeless, are eating cat food for breakfast -- lunch and dinner or must rely on meals-on-wheels, some have no heat in the winter or their water has been shut off. Yes, there are seniors out there living like this...I know one of them.

Even though some studies say that the senior citizen poverty level has hedged up a little under Georgie, peorgie's administration, health care coverage has declined -- hence with this decline, people on fixed incomes [seniors] are paying more out of pocket. This is where the adage "pay for my medications or pay for my meals" comes from. Read More...

We have children living in cars who have no shoes or coats to wear. Some kids resort to panhandling for food or scouring dumpsters behind McDonalds or Burger King, or Red Lobster, looking for something to eat.
Read:How many children live in poverty...

Some of our service men and women are coming home to find that they've been deserted by our government and can't find jobs, and have to fight for adequate health care; many are now homeless -- living under bridges or in abandoned cars. The percentage of our veterans who live in poverty and are homeless is staggering. This is a national disgrace and wins my "Weenie Badge of Dishonor"

Now, the senate has approved a bill for illegal immigrants to access social security funds. This is outrageous! It's bad enough that Bush is sending our Social Security monies to Afghanistan now, we've been stomped in our financial groins. Read More...

These are a few of the issues that main-stream Americans have on their minds. It isn't that we [I] don't care about what's happened to innocent Iraqi citizens. It's that many of us, the silent American majority, refuse to take the blame which, you want to shove down our throats.

If Saddam Hussein, al Quaida, the Taliban or any other misogynistic tyrannical regime, would stop their legend-within-their-own-mind actions and let people rule and live their lives as they see fit, you wouldn't have all the atrocities happening in these [your] different countries. When you and your people allow them to take control then, find out you've made a mistake, you come running to who...AMERICA!

If I seem cruel and heartless well, so be it, at times life is cruel and heartless. But, when it comes to depleting America's financial resources for other countries verses defending our own self-preservation...I'll continue to be cruel and heartless.

If this offends you and your moral sensibilities, Ms. MacElveen or anybody else for that matter; to quote Clark Gable --

"Frankly, my dear[s]...I don't give a damn."

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