Americans: Get your skewed priorities straight!

Surfing along the web this morning, I found different news headlines on a number of sites particularly Yahoo-- In the News. And, of course, still in the headline forefront are the War, President Bush's jaunts around the world, the 2008 Presidential elections, Middle Eastern unrest -- be it Afghanistan, Iraq, or al-Qaida and their evil doings etc.

What I found sad and ass-backwards (priority-wise) among the reporting of world related upheaval was the headline: Britney Spears due in court to settle custody rights. Another one was, how Halle Berry is looking very pregnant or, Christina Aguilera gives birth. Hey, I've given birth, I looked pregnant before I gave birth too. So, what's the big story? I'm willing to bet that they got pregnant the same way I did...any takers?

Here's a better mystery -- who's head of al-Qaida, where's Osama Bin Laden, why are the gas prices continually rising?

Ask yourselves, do the oil companies gauge the public? If so, why is the government allowing them to do so. Here's a better question; do ALL Americans have HEALTH INSURANCE? Hello! these questions affect your POCKETBOOK and are more important than the celebrity legends-within-their-own-mind cliques.

Now, let's be honest who cares about Britney Spears and her legal problems? I certainly don't. Here, the media gives this young bottled blond bimbo headline ranking right along with world tragedy and news that's shaping or dismantling hopes of world peace and possibly national security.

So, what, in heaven's name, has Britney Spears done for the world, for you, for me? Nothing I can think of, yet, her name seems to find its way into the headlines every day or every other day.

America is enamored with celebrities and their doings. Most celebrities are pathological hedonists -- yes, there are few exceptions. But, can you at least pick a rich, attention getter of some worth? I don't mind reading about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they do wonderful humanitarian work. But Britney Spears, and that Lindsay Lohan girl, oh my, let's not leave out the third member of the new world Bimbette Trio -- Paris Hilton (have you noticed that they all seem to have black roots). *SIGH* Oops, I can't mention Paris without mentioning Nicole Ritche so, I guess I should amend Bimbette Trio to Bimbette Quads...oh, come on folks!

You are the same Americans who bitch and moan about out-of-touch politicians but, within the same breath -- squeal in juvenile delight "I've got to turn on Entertainment Tonight or E!" and get my daily fix of celebrity gossip. Do you really think that gossip about them will put more green-backs or quack-quacks in your pockets!

What does hearing or reading about these people (who, in my not-so-humble opinion are a waste of good air) do for you? Do they bolster your floundering self-esteem or give you some over the top orgasm? Go volunteer at a homeless shelter to bolster your self-esteem, train your lover how to give you those over the top, eyes rolling back goodies or... just get rid of them and their inept performance.

I'm getting a little tired of hearing or glancing at headlines, pertaining to these out-of-the bottle blonds, or redheads, or brunettes with botox lips and 90% silicon everything else.

Okay people -- they're figments! Figments or your imagination and theirs. They're certainly not of my imagination, everything I've got is real -- they can't say the same.

Get your priorities straight America! Most of these folks can't see beyond their pointy, fabricated, little noses to notice you, you or you.

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