Parents of Adult Children: Time to say "Enough is Enough!"

Go ahead Mom, reach out and touch her... you want too, I know you do!

"Sigh" What has happened with this generation? I truly do understand why some species eat their young!

Why does it seem that some of our young adult's elevators never reach the top floor?

Or that some try to build a building with one brick shy of a load?

Or that some are out orbiting Neptune or swinging from the rings of Saturn?

Did we drop them on their heads too often?

Was it the formula or breast milk we fed them? Can we assume back in the seventies and eighties, there was a mass contamination? A tainting that we, as mothers, did not know about?

Did we, as nurturers [parents], teach them that logic, common sense, respect, and social graces are taboo? I am truly baffled!

This diatribe is not only about other peoples adult children. I am definitely including my child.

Oh yes, My Man-boy's lights are on but no one is home!

My darling adult man who steals from and lies to his mother. A man [guffaw] who goes against everything he was taught. So, no, I am not escaping this ire.

Though, at the risk of sounding self-righteous, Octo-Mom, Nadya Suleman, puts icing on madness cake, a multi- layered insanity torte.

How dare you! How dare you put your wants, wishes, and dreams on the tax paying American people. Have you lost your mind? You best go find it!

Foodstamps, SSI [ supplemental security income] are paid by strapped tax paying people. People like you insult us.

Fourteen children! Count them 14! I am not a proponent of forced sterilization but, in this case, the courts should make an exception.

Nadya has no job[s] and no husband with ten jobs. She is selfish [never thought how this would affect the children], self-absorbed [never considered how this would affect her parents and other members of her family], a narcissist of enormous proportions.

She is out of her mind. I will take my son's idiocy over this any day.

I give condolences to Nadya's mother.

  1. A mother whose adult daughter had the unmitigated gull to spit out fourteen children.
  2. A mother whose adult daughter has now put her in danger of loosing her home. Loosing her home when she should be enjoying retirement.
  3. A daughter who now has a slew of children she can not afford. Hello! This country is in a depression [whether the government wants to admit it or not].
  4. A bunch of children she expects her mother and the rest of the world to feed, cloth, and house. Outrageous!

I know violence is not the answer but, I would slap her if she were mine. Please close your mouths! Yes, I'd pop her a good one!

Nadya, your situation is not a freak accident. You spent money that should have been spent on your older children. Money that should have been spent helping your mother help you! Incredulous!

You should be ashamed of yourself!

Enough is enough! These kids are grown adults. Adults who make decisions on their own. Decisions they should deal with ON THEIR OWN.

For those who feel sorry for her...shame on you too! Enablers!

So, Nadya Suleman, for the sake of your Mother and your Children, consider yourself: Slapped! K A P O W!