So, the Ides of March has passed!

I don't know if I wasn't paying attention in school or if my memory's going or both! [I'm betting on the latter]

Have you ever wondered from where some sayings come?

I was surfing the net [which, I haven't done in a while] and saw the saying "Beware the Ides of March" I remember hearing or reading the saying over years [oops, I'm telling my age] and wondered from where it came. Now I remember [after I went and looked it up]!

Beware the Ides of March is the name of the date March 15th in the Roman calendar. The what else I didn't know: the Ides is also the name of the 15th day of May, July, and October and the name of the 13th day of the other eight months.

In modern times [ I guess 44 BC is considered modern] Ides of March is best known as the date Julius Caesar was assassinated and is now used as a metaphor for impending doom.

Okay, so this is boring...whatever! It got me titillated! Yo! Caesar you died in my birthday month!

Beware The Ides of that March is leaving like a lamb!

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Accomodating Muslims -- Harvard

Let's not forget what's happened in France with their Muslim accommodations and the problems that it has caused that country.

But really, will a request for gym hours cause a problem? I don't think so.

I saw this on the Early Morning show:Harvard tries women-only gym hours.

Although, I find nothing wrong with a women's only gym hours, this experiment at Harvard makes me wonder what Harvard's reaction would be if the women requesting this change were other than Muslim?

Let's say that the women who were making the request were Christians, would Harvard be as accommodating? Don't count on it, I believe America is turning into an anti-Christian country and any request by Christians would be suspect in non-Christian minds.

So, why placate another religious group, just to be politically correct. There we go again, with that phrase, words I am learning to detest.

Daily Free Press -- The Independent Student Newspaper at Boston University:

"We live together in one community, it only makes sense for everyone to
compromise slightly in order for everyone to live happily," she said.
"This matter is simple: Can't we just display basic decency and show
tolerance and inclusion for people not a part of the mainstream
Read More

My thoughts to this quote: Sure we can live happily, if compromise goes both ways and all groups are given equal latitude. But, so far as I've seen, everyone is going over-board placating Muslims and their beliefs, while telling the rest of us where we can stick our nonsensical beliefs. So...what gives!

I went on to read some reactions to this Harvard tidbit and found a plethora of responses, read them here

Personally, I feel that there's nothing wrong with having a women's only gym hour. And in this particular case the women requesting the change happened to be what -- another group of religious or non-religious women had or have the same opportunity to make such requests.

From what I understand the women requesting the change are requesting it for all women not just Muslims or religious women.

Some people are afraid that this is the Muslim first step in trying to integrate Sharia law into the United States. No, that won't happen, why-- (1) there'd be another American civil war if anyone tried it. (2) Sharia law is only upheld in some Muslim countries and most escaped to America to get out from under this oppression.

Now, if we wind up having a Governor, or Mayor, or Senator, or [guffaw] President wanting to implement something or anything resembling Muslim Sharia law, to accommodate Muslims...THEN there would be a big, big problem.

But these gym hour requests, no, I believe it's innocent and will benefit different Harvard women.

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A, B, C, D,...I'm so confused!

Goes to show you, medicine is not an exact's a hit, miss, try this, try that science. We still need to take a little alphabetized pill to be healthy!

I suffer from an autoimmune disease named Sjogrens Syndrome. This is an autoimmune disorder that's first cousin to Lupus and, at times, mimics Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

In essence, what Sjogrens Syndrome does, it tricks the body into attacking itself. Yes, that's about as simple and as plain as I understand it and can explain it.

In my case, Sjogrens [in the past] has made my body think that my heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas were foreign invaders and attacked them. In fact, my body attacked them so well...they almost shut down...permanently.

Some people equate Sjogrens with just being a dry eye and dry mouth disease, I'm here to tell you it isn't! But, I digress;

last month I went to my Gynecologist. She's one of those modern-thinking doctors, who believes that having the right amount of nutrients in the body, can and does ward off some of these modern day ills that seem to plague today's society.

She ordered some blood tests suspecting that I may be vitamin D deficient. She went on to say that vitamin D deficiency is a quiet epidemic in America and that many diseases could be warded off if people had enough of this vitamin, and the others, playing sentinel within our bodies.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble substance that dissolves in and can be stored by fat deposits in the body and functions as a classic steroid hormone. [See, men! Ya'll don't have to take synthetic steroids, your body makes its own!]

The presence of vitamin D in the small intestine aids in the absorption of dietary calcium. Read More...

If you have a B deficiency, scientist say you're anemic. If you don't get enough C you can easily catch a cold and other little baddies. If you don't have enough A your eyes can be get the picture.

Now, if you are D deficient, your bones are at risk. You can be more susceptible to a variety
of cancers, weak bones [D helps your bones absorb calcium] or different autoimmune diseases.

Well, of course when my tests came back they showed that my body produces no vitamin D what so ever...NONE! As a matter of fact, I was on the negative side of their scale.

My Doctor believes that this could be one reason why I'm in a lot of pain and, why I have the autoimmune diseases that I do.

Taking the vitamin supplements will help ease my conditions [supposedly] but, won't cure anything; the damage has been done.

My thoughts: if society has progressed so much, why have they/we wiped out most of the nutrients in our foods? Progression means to get better not worse -- so I thought.

Look at our kids! We've got all these kids running around with ADHD [Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder] making them wild, wild, wild! [I know from experience, I have a son diagnosed with this disorder] The medical community suspects that food or the dyes in food could be a factor.

Our food intake has become a detriment. Now, what we eat no longer builds better bodies, and minds we're poisoning ourselves and producing children who insist on swinging from the rings of Saturn and orbiting Pluto.

We shouldn't have to take little pills labeled A,B,C,D,E along with our food in order to be healthy.

I hope the Green movement isn't too late, we all may start glowing in the dark!

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YaHell!...Oops my bad...YaHoo!

I've been with Yahoo since I became a computer and internet toddler.

Originally I started out with MSN and didn't like their search techniques. I've had AOL, let's just say with AOL, I felt like an internet captive.

So, I went over with Yahoo and liked the freeness of the big red Y! Soon, those feelings began to change. Now, I refer Yahoo! to YaHell!

Let me preface this by saying, no, I'm not a computer genius or a programing guru, I'm one of the millions of casual users who doesn't like complete and total make-over of services.

My dissatisfaction with Yahoo began when they changed the clubs into groups. The Yahoo Clubs were great and user friendly. The groups, though Yahoo says they're more technologically superior, have a more sanitized feel to them -- not homey like the clubs.

But, like everyone else I rolled with the punches and created a couple of Yahoo Groups. After having a few groups for the last couple of years, I find I still miss the homeyness of the Yahoo Clubs.

What sent me into the black hole of YaHell, is when Yahoo changed their simple message boards into their present quagmire. I can't easily find the boards I frequented, I can't easily follow the conversations, they've made something pleasantly simple into a maze that even the best rat can't find its way around.

Now, YaHell has let its 360 blog flush itself down the porcelain throne. Yahoo is not and will not update or fix bugs with 360. They're just letting it go!

No there's no official word that 360 will be shut down but, if you follow Yahoo's track record it's a safe bet that it will.

My question is: why, why, why! Yahoo has thousands and thousands of people who blog with 360. Some of these people are paying customers. Where's their responsibility to them?

I was a paying customer for a couple of years but I stopped. Now, I'm telling you, I hate YaHell! They've aborted the ease and homeyness for which I left MSN and AOL: frankly it pisses me off!

Yahoo can't seem to leave well enough alone. I understand progress and change but, does change always have to involve complete over-hauls? Why can't they just tweak or nip and tuck here and there. Why face-lift things until they're unrecognizable?

Now, YaHell is working on Y!Mash their new social network. This service includes features common to Facebook, MySpace, and My Yahoo. You'll be able to load a set of modules onto your profile page and move them around drag-and-drop style. Read More

Well, la-de-da! That's just great! Once the majority of the 360 people start using this new social network, YaHell will get an attack of dissociative personality disorder and change it too!

It's not that I think Yahoo services are bad, it's that I absolutely, hate the way they get Dr. Frankenstein on their customers. They take bits and pieces of program flesh and mold them into another monster which later down the road, they have to rebuild.

I didn't know Yahoo was sued for human rights violations in China! Go figure! Read more about Yahoo, the company and its trials and tribulations here

I think YaHell needs a prescription for Lithium, or Prozac, or Welbutrin, SOMETHING to even out their flip-flop programing disorder. They're giving me a headache.

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