Oh Hell No!

I remember when we (my generation) were young. We had to behave ourselves when out of sight of our parents. In the neighborhood, all the neighbors were either Aunt this or Uncle that, we had no fear of being molested or worse. If Aunt Ruthie or Uncle Joe caught us doing something we shouldn't, they'd be sure our parents knew before we got home.

One day, I was walking down the street and must have been acting unseemly, can't quite remember what I was doing and probably wouldn't tell you if I did, and heard this high pitched voice yelling:

"Deborah Jo! don't you do that! Your Momma isn't here but her eyes are watching"

When I got home, Mom or Dad would be waiting and my hind end would remember what I think my parents eyes didn't see.

Now a days you can't say anything to this generation, out fear that you'll have the police called on you or worse. Some of their parents will show up at your door wanting to "rumble" or brandishing nine and her millimeter brothers and sisters.

We have a society of emotionally, morally, and socially bankrupt human beings. No one seems to have a conscience let alone any direction in life. They (generally speaking) seem to be a bunch of hedonists, some are boarder line psychotic. Who only live for the moment, their moment. Living for me, me, me, giving no thought of how to make life better for others.

Once, I heard a young man, he had to be in his middle twenties, talking about how another young man had disrespected him. I thought to myself, what does this youngster know about respect? What has he done in his life that commands more respect than the normal human respect and consideration?

It's hard to find young people who will open doors for you -- or know how to say thank you, please, your welcome. It's not that hard to form these words with their lips.

If you think about it, it isn't their fault. I think society's do-gooders have gone over-board with their spanking ideas and are handcuffing a parent's right to raise up-standing adults. There is a huge difference in spanking a child and abusing a child.

A prime example was a news report in the Boston Herald -- Parents who spank their kids - even in their own homes - would be slapped by the long arm of the law under an Arlington nurse’s proposal to make Massachusetts the first state in the nation to outlaw corporal punishment. How stupid is this! This has got to be the most ridiculous proposal I've ever read!

It's people like this who subject the rest of society to individuals who can't or won't teach their children how to respect others. The cause and effect this causes -- rude, crude and insolent adults.

For instance, when I decide to go out to a restaurant, and the waitress or waiter seats me next to a table that has children. And those children are being loud and obnoxious. I get very upset. I don't have to nor will I be subjected to disruptive behavior. And, All while, their parents tune them out and sit there as if nothings happening. Oh HELL NO! Not me! I will say something to the parents then demand to be seated else where.

I don't blame the children I blame the parents.

Look people, when you have children and you take them out in public, the rest of society is not obligated to tolerate your BAD children. A good spanking would re-enforce the fact that NO you can't and won't act this way. Maybe the parents need a good spanking or perhaps a lobotomy will help.

And don't give me this time out crap! Oh and this idea of reasoning with a two year old is just moronic.

I tried time outs with my son. When he was about seven or eight, he did something, can't remember exactly what, I told him not to do. I gave him a time out. I sat him in a corner and told him to think about what he did and why it was wrong. Well, the time out didn't work. While he sat in the corner, not thinking about his misdeeds, he dug a whole in the wall and stuffed his socks and underwear in it. The spanking worked much better.

It's funny, in a sad demented way, that we (the human race) has progressed technologically, but regressed in the plain old common sense department.

Yeah Right...Outlaw This!

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