Do you know where the nearest cyber-rapest lives?

I and my neighbors do. What's not to smart about this hacker, she knows that we know what she'd done.

I have yet, to figure out WHY or for what purpose, a person will sit at a computer and suddenly decide to break into a computer belonging to someone else. It boggles my mind! It's wrong, wrong, WRONG!

Some people do it for money...yes the almighty green-back strikes AGAIN! But, some commit this cyber-rape because, well...because they can. What does hacking prove? I can almost understand if these lower forms of life want to hack (no, I am not suggesting or proposing anyone do this) into the U.S. Treasury, or Chase Manhattan, Citicorp or any other of these Corporate conglomerates who make their billions by legally raping the masses. Why hack into the computers of immaterial people who have nothing or very little?

Are there really any full proof security programs that protect against hackers? I don't know, I'm not a computer geek however, I do suggest:

1. Firewalls

2. Antivirus

3. Spyware protection

4. Adware protection

As I said, I don't know if they're full proof but, I do have them on my computer. My best suggestion is finding these web space bottom-feeders and having a face to face meeting. take it from there.

There are different categories of hackers.

1. Black-hat-hacker -- a malicious or criminal hacker
2. Ethical Hacker -- also called white hats
3. Ethically Ambiguous hacker -- also called gray hats


Which category should I put my neighbor in...

Yes, there's a story behind this rampage.

I have a friend who like me, has very little, monetary-wise. She doesn't work due to disability. My friend, let's call her Mary, decided that if she bought a computer she could try working from home.

Mary, has another neighbor who's name IS Angel. Angel informed Mary that she could get her a great deal on a new computer through her web site (if I could remember the web site I'd post it, so the whole world would know where to find one cyber thief out of the millions trolling along the web)

It took Mary a couple of months to hoard and save $590.00. She finally came up with the money and paid Angel. Angel in turn ordered Mary's brand new computer -- oh, JOY!

Now, comes the twilight zone part. (Where's Rod and his music?)

Angel who has presented herself to Mary and me, as a customer representative of Dell, YES, DELL! through e-commerce. She informed us that she can and does buy computers for people through her web site and that she can give us great savings and deals. Those great deals she spoke of, are deals for her personally, she is not authorized to pass them on to other people.

Angel ordered Mary's computer, the problem or start of the problem was when, Angel ordered the computer she ordered it under her name not Mary's. Angel had the computer sent to her address, not Mary's. Not only did she send it to her address she sent it under another name.

Oh, it gets more complicated, just bear with me.

Mary, isn't computer savvy. She's just learning her way around the world of computerdom. I, on the other hand, know more, not a lot -- I'm not a computer wiz but, I know the smell of rotted fish and something was rotten in computermark.

Mary, was like a child with a new toy-- her computer had finally arrived. Angel, bless her rotten, sulphur filled heart, offered to come over and set up Mary's new toy. Mary didn't know what or how to set things up, but Angel, the devil incarnate...Angel, saw lollipop-faced Mary as easy prey.

Angel set-up Mary's computer as her own. She went into Mary's house, sat at Mary's computer and set it up as hers by setting the administrative password for her use only and Mary as the guest!

Wait! That's not all.

Angel then proceeded to set Mary's computer up on a shared network. She set tracking programs running in the background and knew who Mary was chatting with, sending email too etc .

How did we find all this out? This is how...Mary invited me over to see her new toy. I, being the nosy person that I am, started nosing around Mary's security settings. I found that she had no virus protection, this was after Angel had told her she did. Bells, started going off. So, I downloaded virus protection and some other program Mary had requested.

But, the biggest mistake Angel made was calling Mary, YES, calling her on the phone, and asking her why she wasn't working on the web site she'd set her up on. She then told Mary "I'm watching you" Angel had set Mary up on a web site to get paid for reading e-mails. Our question is, how did Angel know that Mary hadn't been working on that web site? Once you get caught in a lie, it starts rolling down-hill... now doesn't it!

We found all kinds of settings and programs on Mary's computer that had no business being there. We had to put in a call to someone who has more computer knowledge than I and all she could say was..."what in the hell..." The clincher was, when Mary hovered over her ISP icon, it said "you are on a shared network" No, no, Mary didn't want or set up to be on a shared network however, Angel did.

This saga is no where towards the end, I'll do a part two down the road.

I just wanted to give some background information on my rant about hackers. This hacker, sly. Reminds me of a quote I heard in a movie "so, said the Queen, if I had balls, I'd be King"

And people wonder why I don't like anything that walks upright and talks. You can't trust anybody!

Do YOU know what your neighbor knows... about YOU?

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