Get Off Your Butt: Social Networking --Are we really, that lazy?

We've come a long way baby! Or have we?

The Internet is changing the face of everything. In my opinion, these new Internet social communities are the webs biggest phenomena. What happened to the good old days of going down to the local bar, pub, or social club to meet new people?

If you go back to the time when my parents were young, their social club was going to Church on Sundays, going to school during the week or going to work. Now, you don't have to leave your home to meet new people. Just slide into a comfy chair, get your lap top with its wireless connection and go hunting for the kill.

Are we really, that bored and lonely? Better yet, are we so lazy that we can't get up, take a shower, put some clothes on and go out? I understand that many people are housebound due to illness and disabilities. These people have nothing else but the Internet and the boob tube to keep them company. But, what about the rest of you healthy people?

To my way of thinking, going to the park or to the library is a great way to meet people. In my healthier days, I loved going to Borders Books and browsing the isles. When I found a book that looked interesting, I'd take it to one of Borders' bistro tables, sit down with a cup of green tea and settle in with my steeping companion and started reading. Someone would stop by to ask a question or chat and the new friendship was on. I've met some wonderful people that way.

I'm beginning to think that although, the Internet is a progressive tool (as a whole) for society, it's regressive in other aspects. Regressive, how, do you ask. I'm glad you broached the question; its making a bunch of socially bankrupt people, that's how. It's making a bunch of scaredy cats who can't walk down the street and look a stranger in the eye, then open up their mouth to say "hello" or "good morning, afternoon, or evening"

Not all the people of the world are low-life degenerates, not all are going to grab and run off with you to do something reprehensible -- (am I really saying this, me, the person who doesn't like anything that walks upright and talks...why -- yes, I am)

If a social community is a bit much for your liking, they have social bookmarking too. Does anyone really use social bookmarking? Does social bookmarking work. Exactly, what purpose is social bookmarking? You bookmark a website you like... then, someone else sees it and goes to the website. Okay...then what? Just because you like the same poetry website that I do, doesn't mean you're coming over for dinner!

Here is a partial list of Social Networking Communities I've found. You can find more at
Wikipedia, they have the best list of social networks;

43 Things
Yahoo! 360
Windows Live Spaces

Frankly, I joined some of these communities because I wanted to advertise my two blogs. I'm not into meeting people over the Internet. I like to go out and meet people face to face.

Let's be honest people...when you meet someone in these online communities -- many LIE about themselves. You know they do; little miss svelte 10, blond Barbie, is a gap toothed butter ball and mister hulkster, is an itty, bitty mousy man, each owning delusions of grandeur or are legends within their own minds. Come on! you know I'm telling the truth!

Let's not regress in this new year. If you're healthy and be thankful that you are, get out and go! Go to the park, or the library, or to Borders Books or Barns and Noble, or a little cafe or bistro...hell! take Tae Kwon Do or a photography class, just get off your butt and off the computer then, out of the house. If you meet someone, you won't have to worry about that Barbie girl or Mousy Man lying about'll see them for yourself.

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AJ said...

Well said. The next generation will be socially deficient at the rate we use social networking.

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