A Thug that lives in a million dollar home is still a thug.

Thug Haven -- Michael Vick's Million dollar sitting room.

There's another thing that shouldn't be tolerated and that's cruelty to animals. Dog fighting is the lowest of low. Only mental midgets and two-legged human imitators consider this a sport.

Michael Vick, former Quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, is back in the news. Poor fella [guffaw] can't sell his million dollar dog house of terror. Yahoo! Sports

Although I've never had the displeasure of meeting this person, there is a strong feeling of intestinal rumblings in my gut.

Let's not discuss his deprived childhood. Let's not spew woe-is-me rhetoric on how there was no good role model in his home.

This back-wood, socially bankrupt neanderthal, had every chance to reinvent himself. He attended Virginia Tech. Surely he had to have learned something.

Anything. Did he not pick up some social graces and mannerisms? Does this knuckle dragging gray-back eat with his feet? What did he learn in college? But no, he chose to wear the foul gutter stench of a Hood-rat, a Ghetto Mutt. He's lucky he's not my son. This momma would have taken him on like a man.

He lived in a 3. 2 Million dollar house and used it for so called sport. A sport usually found in abandoned, window shattered warehouses, located in bowels of the Ghetto.

But no, he turned his fabulous home into an evil house of horrors.

Yes, Michael Vick is a criminal. He has the mind of a criminal. A mind that chose to act upon hedonist ways.

As far as I'm concerned Vick should stripped butt naked, put into a pit to fight off a Bengal Tiger.

I have no compassion, feel no mercy, for this poor excuse of a man. He should know right from wrong, moral from immoral. Yet, he's proven himself amoral.

He's a shell of a man who has chosen to be a thug, at the expense of those poor dogs. Animals who couldn't defend themselves against him and his arsenal of nine millimeters, stun guns and fellow low-life(s).

Michael Vick and his ilk are nothing but thuggish ghetto mutts who should be neutered.

Some people can wear an Armani suit, silk tie and, Gucci shoes but, you can't persuade them to put on a humane value system.