So...What do you blog about?

My thought for today:

What is it that bloggers blog about? Bloggers blog about EVERYTHING!

Most blogs are about business or are how-to blogs and are quite useful. But, I'm wondering what drives bloggers, like me, [those of us who aren't advertising products of services] to enter the blogsphere.

In my case, I vent frustrations. I blog to take my mind off of what's going on around me. Blogging is a great stress reliever for me.

When my muse is on hiatus, I write on this blog Voice-A-Thought. I groan and moan about what's going on in the news or what I've read on a blog I've come across in cyberspace.

When I'm feeling artistic or when my muse has decided to come visit me for a while, I write poetry and post them on my poetry blog WANDERERS NOOK

I've found that many blogs are written by professional writers. Their blogs are an easy way to advertise their writing. When I come across some of their blogs, I'm reminded of how far I have to go in order to become a good or proficient writer.

There are so many types of blogs and blog lingo:


What really is amazing is that they have blog search engines. Technorati is now tracking more than 112 million blogs. Read more about blogging at Wikipedia

My favorite blogs, other than my own, are the photoblogs. Some of these photographers take such stunning pictures. It takes a good eye to capture some of these photographic moments. One of my favorite photoblogs is by Gale Rainwater [even the name is artistic] There are stunning photographs on this blog.

Also, I like the blogs that teach you how to blog or how to make money blogging. My favorite how-to blog is ProBlogger

There are so many great blogs on the net, it's hard to pick a few unless one stands out in your mind.

It doesn't matter how many readers you have reading your blog [that's for those of us who aren't advertising a product or service] even if you're the only one reading it, blog anyway. Blogging can be a catharsis and will soothe your mind.

So, instead of punching a hole in the wall, or beating someone to a pulp, blog! The most important person reading your rant is you.

Say what you mean and mean what you say!

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3 Thoughts:

Jillian said...

I like reading personal blogs more than blogs that are about a specific thing. I figure if I need to learn something there are tons of resources at my disposal to find the information I want, why read a blog for that?

I blog because I want to improve my writing skills, share a piece of myself, and meet some interesting people. People are fun and I really like getting to know someone I wouldn't otherwise have met. Also, I like to see how many people can relate to me or think what i have to say is interesting at all. Lots of reasons!

Deborah said...

I forgot to mention that I like to blog to hone my writing skills. Thanks for reminding me and thanks for stopping by:)

Jillian said...

Glad I could help!! :-P

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