No, I'm NOT going to SHUT UP!

What's with people and differing views? Especially, when differing views involve politics and religion.

Is there some Magna Carta written, stating that a person can or should, only voice opinion[s] when they're absolutely, unequivocally, sure said opinion[s], won't offend someone [anyone] -- somehow, somewhere, anywhere on this plane of existence ?

Are we suppose to put a sock in it, out of fear of being called intolerant, bigoted and discriminatory? Come on!

Get a life! Hell NO! I AM NOT going to shut up.

I guess you're wondering what I'm rambling and ranting about. I made a comment at the Gorilla Sushi blog on "Why Islam is Anti-American. "

My opinion brought on the ire of the author/writer Jason. I'm sure Jason is a nice young man. Maybe a tad bit idealistic and quite disillusioned with religion. So what, he's not the first, nor will he be the last, upright-walking, talking organism that find themselves disappointed or disillusioned with the human race. Welcome to adulthood!

I wrote that I disagreed with his stance on American fears of Islam. He claims that most of us who don't like Islam are: ignorant, ill-informed, undereducated, brainwashed, bigots. I took exception to that! [who'd a thought]

In essence, my comment was: not all of us listen to or take stock in, what the media says or writes. We know the media has bias. We know most media is in some one's pocket.

My contention [to him]: stop underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

Not all of Americans get their knowledge while sitting on a couch hung between two trees watching t.v. Nor do our lips move when reading stop signs. We're cognitive beings! We know how to research and form intelligent conclusions.

What irked me most, the accusation that I was unpatriotic. Me, a disabled veteran who proudly served the United States of America -- me! Not only am I a vet, I'm an old school vet, I probably was in the Middle East before Jason was an itch in his daddy's pants. Not only do I have the inalienable right of free speech, I earned the right of free speech.

I don't know if our lack of understanding each other is generational or not. But I find that the younger generation is quicker to call people intolerant and bigoted when someone voices a dissenting view.

Hello! This is America, we're allowed to say what we believe and believe what we say. You don't have to like it however, you do have to get over it.

Just because someone says or writes something negative [in this case against Islam] doesn't mean the writer is bigoted or discriminatory.

This old schooler views bigotry and discrimination as active. Meaning, someone will physically stop you or hurt you in some manner.

Because I write that I don't like Islam and give my reasons why, doesn't mean I'm going to go out and hurt a Muslim. This doesn't mean I'm calling for Muslims to be banished from American soil. This doesn't mean, if I meet a Muslim I'll be rude and say something cruel. Muslims are people like you and me. There are good Muslims and bad.

I know about bigotry, I know what it's like not to be waited on in a restaurant. I know what it's like to be fired from a job so, someone of another race or ethnicity can have my position. So, no, I wouldn't commit these actions against someone else just because I don't like their religion.

Here is an example of Jason's and my exchange:

"What do you think happens if one of their family members decides Islam isn't for them?"

I don't know - send them to Jesus Camp? Perform an exorcism?

"Hey, what happened when someone like you decided to make fun of Muhammad in a cartoon?"

A few death threats and some temporary boycotts. Same thing that happens when people make fun of Jesus...or teach evolution. And that's not even a crime sometimes.

"free speech hindering people like you!"

If I'm hindering free speech, why am I allowing you to comment on my blog? Would I be able to come to your blog, spouting off my own propaganda and not get deleted? I wouldn't do that however, because I don't preach my views and try to push them on others without provocation.

"I've got more patriotism in my little finger"

Then why are you trash talking other religions on the internet? Don't all Americans deserve the right to practice whatever religion they want without persecution? Freedom of religion is a universal human right - whether you agree with their customs or not. I'm not saying that you don't have the right to discriminate against muslims I'm just saying that your hate-speech is counter productive to the evolution of human culture.

"don't call me a bigot because I have different views"

I'm not. I'm calling you a bigot because you're a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance. <-that's the definition of "bigot" "grant free speech to a select few" What?? I do not have the power to either grant or deny free speech. Speak all you want but just be aware that the educated, patriotic and disillusioned will always be around the corner, waiting to counteract your jibberish.And here is the rest of it. From our Internet encounter, I get the feeling this youngster has delusions of grandeur and is a legend within his own mind. Whatever! His views will change over the course of his life time. Things will change over the course of his life time, I hope he rolls with the punches.

If anything, remember this: "You must stand for something or you'll fall for anything" and that, dear friends, is a promise life won't break.

4 Thoughts:

Jason - GorillaSushi said...

"He claims that most of us who don't like Islam" - you're really making my point for me here. The fact that you don't like an entire religion (the largest in the world) makes you prejudiced and a bigot.

It's unfortunate that you claimed to have read my entire post but totally missed the point - " There should be no cultural or religious difference that is greater than our ability to find common ground."

I'm not calling you a bigot because you have a dissenting view, it's because you take insult when other's religious beliefs do not coincide with your own AND you're bent on spreading suspicion and intolerance.

"You don't have to like it however, you do have to get over it." - Hitleresque much?

Just because you're an "old schooler" does not mean you can avoid being called a bigot by making up your own definition of the word.

I find it sad that you use your age as a justification for your ignorance and I find it troubling that you've taken our discussion from my blog to yours where you can edit it down to suit your needs - and then not provide a link so your readers can read the post and all subsequent comments, giving them a chance to make up their own minds.

Deborah said...

Hey, people are capable of following links. They can find your blog, read it then, come to their own conclusions.

Your thoughts on ignorance could be another's thought's on brilliance.

Yet again, you're here calling me names because I won't cow-tow to your way of ain't going to happen.

You can think what and how you like...the only insult or irk with me is that somehow I'm unpatriotic.

Get out, live life -- education isn't only found on the pages of a binder.

Jillian said...

Deborah- Let me just say, I do enjoy reading your rants.

Now, I actually went to Gorilla Sushi and read the post and the comments exchanged between you and Jason.

I like the idea behind what Jason had to say: Be skeptical of news reported and actively learn more about people that are different from you.

That's what I got out of it, at least.

I'm not entirely sure where the conversation broke down.

But if someone doesn't like a religion, I fail to see how that makes them a bigot (utterly intolerant).

Not liking something is not the same as being intolerant of it.

Next rant, please!

Deborah said...


Hi sweetie! I'm so glad to have a fan.

I don't want people to agree with me, I just want people to agree to disagree which is what I was trying to drive home to Jason.

Guess I insulted him, which what I do best, insult people! Oh well, se la vie!

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