Hello...Females aren't equipped with a penis!

Warning: Various language included, may insult some sensibilities.

This morning, I was surfing Blog Catalog and came across this delightful blog Ringtailed Squealers

It's one of those blogs that has a plethora of subjects: thoughts, rants, cartoons whatever the blogger feels like blogging.

What caught my attention was her post to spammers. I had just finished grumbling to myself about my YaHell! in-box and all the spam it's littered with. Then, low and behold, I came across her post at Ringtail voicing the same disdain.

I can almost understand [I said,
ALMOST] the porn spam, they're advertising some type of service [guffaw!] however, I don't understand spammers who bulk send a penile enlargement advertisement to women and boob boosting ads to men.

Come on! if you look at my e-mail address, you can tell I'm a female. Last time I looked, I wasn't equipped with a third leg, there's no bat or balls attached any where on my body!

Yet, my YaHell! in-box is regurgitating penile enlargement ads!

I've got the spam filter set so that it sends junk mail to bulk Hades but, occasionally, an imp wanting me to grow a 10 inch appendage between my legs slips through.

What's with these people! The spammers I mean.

They can read,
can't they? Well then again maybe not.

I notice that some of the porn spam subject lines has the alphabet but, they make no rhyme or reason unless, they want you to practice pronouncing
x k y z.

I don't understand spam. Think about it, spam is an advertisement. An advertisement is announcing to the world your services...right?

So, how do these spammers get paid. I shudder to think that there are that many people in cyberspace who utilize these services.

There's legislation to stop spammers. ISPs want to do away with them -- spammers are costing them money and bandwidth. Then, what's the appeal?

Wikipedia states:

The California legislature found that spam cost United States organizations alone more than $13 billion in 2007, including lost productivity and the additional equipment, software, and manpower needed to combat the problem.

Spam's direct effects include the consumption of computer and network resources and the cost in human time and attention of dismissing unwanted messages. In addition, spam has costs stemming from the kinds of spam messages sent, from the ways spammers send them, and from the arms race between spammers and those who try to stop or control spam.

I just don't understand the spammer's mindset. They can't possibly be getting wealthy. If some are getting rich, there aren't
that many who've found the windfall.

Look penis spammers, this is the way it is...

  1. I don't or won't ever grow a penis.
  2. My man is quite content with what he's got
  3. If I don't have a man, I'll buy a toy and extra "C" batteries
  4. If I want your services [which I don't ] I'll e-mail you
Okay, okay,

Thank you!

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Jillian said...

Hahaha, I thought it was funny over there just like it's funny over here.


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