Seriously, Who CARES!

Is this a stupid title for a web site or what!

I've touched on this subject before and I'm going to grouch about it again!
WHO cares that JLo had twins! I like Jennifer Lopez -- don't get me wrong but, SO what! she popped out twins! To me that means she had double the pain that I had and will have double the pain when they get older.

Another story at this blog talks about is Brad and Angelina on vacation with their kids. Okay, so...

Again, don't get me wrong I like Brad and Angelina as a matter of fact I'm a huge fan of them both. They both have my respect for all the wonderful humanitarian work that they do. Brad is just fabulous down in New Orleans. He's doing more than the government has done! Oops, did I say that!

Although I think that it's wonderful that they adopt children, I think it would be even more wonderful if they'd spend that hard earned money and time adopting children that are in THIS country.
Yes, indeed we've got black kids, white kids, Hispanic kids etc... who need adopting right here...don't we or am I on another plain of existence!

So, what's with these celebs, always going to other countries and adopting those kids?

Even Madonna, with her nasty self, tried adopting an African child. Okay, Donna, go down to the local children's home, you'll find plenty of kids from all races and ethnicities waiting and hoping to be adopted. And please, don't just look at the cute cuddly little babies, there are some older kids who need adopting too.

Now, back to what I'm really ranting about.

This web site is called Seriously OMG! WTF! -- that's exactly what I say -- OMG! WTF! Why does this web site have as big of a following that it does? I'm not jealous, well, not really that jealous, I'm just not understanding why people are so interested in a poorly written web site. On technorati, this site has a 621 authority and the author[s] can't write worth a hill of beans.

No, I admit that my syntax isn't the greatest and I can be judgmental [guffaw] at times but, what's with all the celebrity fascination? JLo and Angelina both adopted and/or got pregnant the same way the rest of us did/do [I do envy Angelina being married to Brad] so what's with all the hype?

I'll say it again...America, get your priorities straight...would you please do that...PLEASE!

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Jillian said...

LOL.. I like your rants. But there is a niche for just about everything in the Blogoshpere (sp?) and celebrity news has fairly large one. So while the people on that blog may not be able to write... somewhere out there people are reading and linking and so forth. It sucks, but there will always stuff that people like that you or I might not understand.

I have asked the same questions you have though: Why don't celebs adopt more kids here?? The only thing I can think of is by adopting from another country, celebs are able to bring attention o things happening there? I don't know. But I do find it slightly irritating. There ARE plenty of starving kids here that need a home.

Oh well.

Jillian said...

to* - I HAD to correct that.

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