People, who know me, wonder why I don't like anything that walks upright and talks; I might as well add who writes too!

From MSNBC News this headline caught my attention: "Obama: Biracial candidate walks own fine line" (Subtitle) But presidential hopeful's post-racial style has its pitfalls. By Janny Scott

I'm not political but I do follow what's going on with the candidates. I try not to read the papers to much and I'm picky about the T.V news broadcasts I watch. I believe that the mass media is what turns people stomachs when reporting the news, not so much the headline grabbers but how the journalist writing/report about them.

The article I read, started out reporting about the 2006 Democratic primary campaign for presidency of the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Mind you, this is fast coming on 2008 and the Presidential election. Why is she bringing up a campaign, in Chicago, that most of us don't give a rats-ass about?

Did I ask why? Well, I'll tell you my thoughts. Ms. Scott wrote about Senator Obama riding the racial fence. In case you didn't know, Obama is black, yes indeed, he's of African decent and running for President of the United States. None of us politically, undereducated peons knew that fact.

My take on this article is that because Senator Obama is a Black-American who's hopped into the political arena. Some people believe that he's not playing hard enough ball with the race card. People please! Get over it!

--So Mr. Obama remained neutral. He was blasted in blogs and newspapers
for hedging rather than risk alienating people he needed, though others
said he had made the only shrewd choice.--

He's no different than any other candidate.

He's a Black American, he's biracial, so what! Now, you're wondering where's the chip on this shoulder?

Ms. Scott goes on further and writes;

"like other of his generation, he is a member of a new class of black politicians. Too young to have experienced segregation, he has thrived in white institutions. His style is more conciliatory than confrontational, more technocrat than preacher. Compared with many older politicians, he tends to speak about race indirectly or implicitly, when he speaks about it at all."

Oh well Ms Scott! Why is it necessary for Senator Obama to stand at a podium or any where else for that matter, and thump his chest like a mad grey-back who's had his territory invaded.
We know he's black, we're not blind. Senator Obama knows he's black, he's not blind. We know the history of Black Americans and Black America and so does Senator Obama. And most of us are literate too!

This is the way it is Ms Scott, Senator Obama is running for President of the United States, not President of Black America. He doesn't have to speak about his race, he lives it everyday. He knows the pit-falls and the tumultuous racial history of America.

Whether people like it or not, want to hear it or not; America is the most racist country in the world. Senator Obama knows that. He knows that White America is watching and waiting for him to spout diatribes on past racial injustices. This Senator is classy and eloquent. Class and eloquence aren't just a "white thang".

--‘Acting like he’s white’
this fall, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, an Obama supporter who ran for
president twice, was quoted by a reporter as saying Mr. Obama “needs to
stop acting like he’s white” (words that Mr. Jackson has variously said
that he would never say and that were taken out of context).

He added, “If I were a candidate, I’d be all over Jena.”--

Jesse Jackson doesn't speak for Black Americans. I wish someone would put a sock in his mouth! Mr. Jackson can't hold a candle to Senator Obama.

I tire of people like Mr. Jackson accusing educated Blacks or Blacks who speak eloquently and articulatly of being or acting to "white" Stop hating start appreciating and put a muzzle on that green-eyed monster.

“A black candidate doesn’t want to look like he’s only a black
candidate,” the Rev. Al Sharpton, the civil rights activist, who ran
for president in 2004, said in an interview about Mr. Obama. “If he
overidentifies with Sharpton, he looks like he’s only a black
candidate. A white candidate reaches out to a Sharpton and looks like
they have the ability to reach out. It looks like they’re presidential.
That’s the dichotomy.”

I usually have nothing nice to say about Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, I hate Sharpton's hair by the way, but, I agree with Sharpton on this point. The American people always want to put a label on something or someone. As if that label will bolster something superior dwelling deep within.

The United States is a country of diversity. Presidential candidates must appeal and serve all their constituents.

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