Hate the Words Royalty and Regal

She was the closest thing Pakistan had to a Kennedy. Regal, heir to a tragedy-stricken political dynasty, her rhetorical skills sharpened at Harvard and Oxford, the two-time prime minister was the public face of the democratic, pro-Western leadership the U.S. government wants to see running Pakistan. -- USA Today.

Get a grip already!

What's with people? I mean, come on folks, "the closest thing Pakistan had to a Kennedy!"

No, I am not taking away from all the great work this wonderful woman did for her country especially, for the women in her country. Her dream of democracy and equality for all is upstanding but, what makes her regal like the Kennedys? As a matter of fact, what makes the Kennedys regal? Why did the media label John Jr. America's Prince? We don't have royalty. We, as Americans, don't believe in royalty. We escaped England to get away from royalty and the idealism of royalty.

I hate the word royalty, I truly do, almost as much as I hate the phrase "politically correct." The phrase "politically correct" is just a nicer way of telling people to "shut up and keep your opinions to yourself!"

If I'm not mistaken, the Kennedys, Bhutto, the Queen of England, Prince Ranier and all the other crowned heads put their pants and dresses on the same way I, Joe Smoe and the bag lady I saw wheeling her cart the wrong way, down a one way street. For crying-out-loud; when they fart is the smell sweeter than ours?

Here, this wonderful lady from a Third World country, a country steeped in the muck and mire of chaos, was afforded the higher education that most of us peons would die for. Guess what! She had to leave her country to get that education. Her father was a man encompassed in shading dealings. She, and no I'm not taking away from her good works, was also suspect in some covert dealings too. Yet, here the media goes labeling her royalty.

If it had been me, or some other immaterial persona non grata, who had been suspect or participated in questionable dealings, someone would be bugging our phones, sitting in the empty house across the street peering at us through high-powered binoculars or the IRS would be going through our trash looking for receipts from monies spent at 7/11, PetSmart or WalMart.

Yes, it's wonderful she was pro-Western, in the lime light for women's rights in that region and pro Democracy. But, regal no, that's much to royal for me.

The blood of crowned heads, or pseudo crowned heads, bleeds red like yours, mine and the little old man living in a card board box under the freeway.

Like I said, I hate the word royalty and the phrase "politically correct." Now the word regal has been added to my list.

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