Fudge, Fudge, Fudge

No, I'm not ranting like my usual maniacal self. I'm actually going to say something nice. This morning I stumbled onto a story that made me smile. Made me want some fudge too.

Lafayette, Indiana (AP) Headline: Sweet surprise: Lost diamond ring turns up in fudge

--But Linda Vancel recently got a sweet surprise: A relative of the woman
who bought the fudge found the ring when he bit into a piece of the

What made me smile more; the people who found the ring tracked down it's owner. I know I've said that I usually don't like anything that walks upright and talks.
But, this fudge eating lady and people like her, tend to renew my faith in humanity. Well, somewhat.

People say diamonds are a girls best friend, no, keep that antiquated crystallized carbon form to yourself. Give me that ooey, gooey decadent fudge. Now that's what I'm talk'n about!

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footiam said...

Yes, it's funny all right. I would like to find that in my fudge too! Could it be the heat that turn the nut into diamond? (Just kidding)

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