Happy New Year!

2008, learn and appreciate.

News 5 Phoenix Az. -- Times Square New Year's Ball Goes 'Green'
Century-Old Ball Now Uses Energy-Efficient Bulbs (AP)

The people in charge of Times Square are wising up, so it seems. Energy efficient bulbs saves on watts and watts saved means, less of oil down the line. Very good-- people!

Now, if the elitists could get their good old boys (Land Contractors, Land Barons, Land Moguls, which ever phrase/label you prefer) to stop destroying the habitat, I'd shout from the roof tops..."you've come a long way baby!"

Since 9/11, the green movement seems to have picked up steam. With this country in an oil crisis, the elite are beginning to understand, what goes on in the world of the lesser majority, does in fact affect them too. Even Georgie-Peorgie is starting to warm up to green other than the dollar bill. Very good George -- here's a lollipop! Now, stop sending our Social Security money overseas!

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